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Get more Aspects in Destiny 2 and start increasing the effectiveness of Stasis.


Aspects are a brand new mechanic introduced to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light. These have a direct impact on how the Stasis subclass functions by altering, improving or changing how certain abilities work. Unlocking new Aspects in Destiny 2 will allow players to increase their lethality and expand the build options available to them.

How to unlock Aspects

Aspects are unlocked via quests in Destiny 2. One of the first Aspects is unlocked through the quest, Aspect of Control. This quest is offered by the Exo Stranger after completing the Beyond Light campaign and finishing Born of Darkness Part 1.

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The Aspect of Control quest is how you'll unlock your first Aspect. Right now, there appears to be no second Aspect to acquire.

The Aspect you receive will be based on what class you are playing:

  • Hunter – Shatterdive: Activate while midair to quickly descend and shatter nearby targets on impact.
  • Titan – Cryoclasm: Enables longer and more powerful slide. Sliding into Stasis crystals or frozen targets shatters them and any nearby frozen targets.
  • Warlock – Iceflare Bolts: Shattering a frozen target spawns seekers that track and freeze other nearby targets.

These Aspects can be applied by opening the Stasis subclass and selecting it from the Aspects section on the right. They can also be removed from the same menu by selecting the Empty Aspect Slot.

How to unlock second Aspect

As it stands, there is only one Aspect to unlock in Destiny 2, and that’s the one associated with the Aspect of Control quest. It seems like all future Aspects will be unlocked in a similar way: through a quest.

There’s a good chance that the next weekly reset will see the Exo Stranger giving players another quest to unlock a second Aspect. If this doesn’t happen, it could be some seasonal quest later on. Check out the Beyond Light roadmap for a breakdown of what lies ahead.

Overall, Aspects are a fantastic new addition to Destiny 2 that have a dramatic impact on how a Subclass works. As Destiny 2 continues to evolve, players can expect to unlock more Aspects to further enhance their subclasses. Spend some time looking over the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more insights into how this new season of Destiny works and how to get your hands on more powerful gear.

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