Aspect of Influence quest - Destiny 2

Unlock a third Stasis Aspect in Destiny 2 by completing the Aspect of Influence quest.


Aspect of Influence is a new quest in Destiny 2 that rewards players with another Aspect for their Stasis subclass. For players that want to further change their style and experiment with new builds, unlocking the third Aspect will be one of the first things to do in Season of the Chosen.

Aspect of Influence quest

The Aspect of Influence quest requires you have access to Salvation’s Grip. This weapon is used to destroy the numerous Entropic Shards dotted around Europa and is key in actually progressing through the mission.

Step 1: Speak with the Exo Stranger

destiny 2 aspect of influence
Go speak with the Exo Stranger to get the Aspect of Influence quest.

The Aspect of Influence quest begins by speaking with the Exo Stranger in Beyond. Chat with her to get the next step of the quest.

Step 2: Well of Infinitude

destiny 2 aspect of influence well of infinitude
The first step takes you into the Well of Infinitude to destroy Entropic Shards.

Now, you will need to investigate the appearance of Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude. You can reach this area by heading to Asterion Abyss and then going through the Nexus. When you enter into the main cavern of the Nexus, go right toward the Well of Infinitude. Remember you can track the blue banner on the map it make it easier to reach your destination.

destiny 2 aspect of influence well of infinitude entropic shard
You must use Salvation's Grip on the Entropic Shard to begin the step.

This is the step that requires Salvation’s Grip. You must use Salvation’s Grip to destroy Entropic Shards. When one is destroyed, another will spawn, leading you along the correct path.

The path ends in a little arena where a shard of the Pyramid will spawn. You must now hold out against waves of Vex. At the end you will receive a charged key.

Step 3: Complete the Exo Challenge

destiny 2 aspect of influence heroic exo challenge
The Exo Challenge is rather challenging early on in the Season. Enemies are 1270 Power, so definitely prepare for a challenge.

Completing the Heroic Exo Challenge is the next step toward unlocking another Aspect. This is a tougher version of the Exo Challenges as it comes with a bunch of modifiers. Come prepared for a fight. In fact, you will definitely need some Overload mods from the Seasonal Artifact to deal with the Champions. Definitely complete this one with a fireteam if you’re attempting it early on in the Season, as it has a recommended Power of 1270.

Step 4: Visit the Ziggurat in Beyond

Go up to the Ziggurat in Beyond to get teleported to the Pyramid. Approach the statue and interact with it to claim your new Aspect.

The Aspect you receive will be unique to your class. Take the time to complete this quest on all three classes to ensure you’re ready for whatever Destiny 2 throws at you. To help you further, take a moment to look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide. This page is chock full of useful content to help you in your fight against the Darkness.

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