Riptide god roll - Destiny 2

Find a Riptide god roll for PVP and enjoy bursting down other players with ease in Destiny 2.


Riptides are dropping like Edge Transits back in vanilla Destiny 2 days and players want to know whether they have one worth holding onto. With such a large perk pool, it can be tough to get the exact Riptide god roll you want, but if you get one of the following, hold it tight. You never know when a Stasis Fusion Rifle will come in handy.

PVP – Riptide god roll

Being that Riptide is a rapid frame a PVP Riptide god roll will focus on charge time, stability, and recoil direction.

Riptide god roll - PVP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil Direction +30, Handling +10)
Battery Accelerated Coils (Faster charge time, decreases impact)
Perk 1 Perpetual Motion (This weapon gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion)
Perk 2 Successful Warm-Up (Each final blow increases charge/draw speed)
Masterwork Charge Time
Mod Backup Mag

The first two columns will be entirely personal preference. If you want more range, go for Hammer-Forged Rifling. However, the two selected here will keep the handling and stability tight while getting out more shots.

riptide god roll pvp destiny 2

Source: D2Gunsmith

Perpetual Motion is just a lovely perk to have, especially as movement is so naturally occurring in Crucible. If you don’t like Successful Warm-Up, Harmony is neat for the extra damage and performance.

PVE – Riptide god roll

While Solar 3.0 is all the rage right now and Arc 3.0 will be all the rage in Season 18, it’s still worth having a Riptide in your back pocket. With so many perks in its pool, you’re bound to find one that works for you in PVE. Our personal recommendation would be to focus on damage and ammo.

Riptide god roll - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil Direction +30, Handling +10)
Battery Accelerated Coils (Faster charge time, decreases impact)
Perk 1 Field Prep (Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload, stow, and ready when you're crouching)
Perk 2 Frenzy (Being in combat for an extended time increases damage, handling, and reload speed for this weapon until you are out of combat)
Masterwork Charge Time
Mod Backup Mag

There are a so many great perks for PVE but a favorite of mine is Field Prep. The increase to ammo reserves means you want be sweating over Special bricks. Frenzy is a great bump in damage, but you could also go for anything in the final column including Golden Tricorn, Chill Clip, and Demolitionist.

riptide god roll pve destiny 2

Source: D2Gunsmith

A Riptide god roll will either be easy to get or tough. While the gun drops as a reward from basically every Crucible match it does have a massive perk pool to draw upon. Keep checking those perks because you might just get a good one. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more weapon god rolls.

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