Destiny 2 - New Max Level and Power Level Cap

Every time Destiny 2 releases a new expansion, expect the Power level and max level cap to increase. This is the case with Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2. Previously, Guardians were only able to grind to level 20, and the max Power level was 300. You could, of course, hit 305 with mods. What is the new Power level cap and max level with Curse of Osiris, though?

Max Level and Power Level Cap

Players can now reach a maximum level of 25 by earning in-game XP. As mentioned, that is increased from 20 with the vanilla Destiny 2 experience.

The new max Power level cap is 330. Of course, with the use of mods you can reach 335 Power, and you’ll need to. Events like the Nightfall and new Heroic Strike playlist are going to require 270 Power. Previously, the Nightfall only required you to be Power 240. Even the Leviathan raid has seen a bump in required Power. It now asks Guardians to be at 300 Power, where as the recommended level was previously 270. So, with the Curse of Osiris, everything has been given a bump, and the new max level and Power cap reflects this.

How do you reach the new max level and max Power level cap? Well, you start by playing through the Curse of Osiris story and seeing where you land. Enjoy the new content and play it all the way through, then worry about whatever the difference is with your level and Power level.

Shacknews will be covering the Curse of Osiris extensively, and you can already read up on our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to make sure your Guardian is in tip-top shape. You want to be ready for that new raid lair, don’t you?