Powerful Fallen Sniper - Destiny 2

If you're looking for Powerful Fallen to complete this Rasputin daily bounty, we have the spot.


Now that Season of the Worthy is in full swing, Guardians are busy running around doing Rasputin’s dirty work for him. This includes completing the Powerful Fallen Sniper bounty that requires players to seek out and kill 10 Powerful Fallen enemies. Thankfully, we have just the spot.

Powerful Fallen Sniper

Powerful Fallen Sniper Destiny 2

Head to Earth and spawn in at Trostland. Once your feet hit the ground, check your notifications to see if a message pops up that a High Value Target is in the area. If you see it, check around the church for a Fallen Servitor. Killing this will count as one Powerful Fallen. However, don’t wait for this enemy since we have a much faster way.

Go into the Widow’s Walk lost sector, which is just left of the church if you’re looking at the front door. On your way there you might run into a Powerful Fallen Captain, indicated by an increased number of Shanks in the room near the Window’s Walk lost sector. If this fool is present, kill him. Don’t wait, though, since we still haven’t revealed the most efficient method.

Powerful Fallen Destiny 2

The Widow’s Walk lost sector currently has five Powerful Fallen enemies. Four Shanks and a Captain will give you five for a single run. Just don’t burn the Captain so fast the Shanks don’t respawn after you take them out the first time. Kill the Shanks, damage the Captain, kill the Shanks, and then kill the Captain. This will be five. Leave the lost sector and then complete it once more. You’ll be done this bounty in less than five minutes.

If you’re busy doing other random bounties for Rasputin, we also have guides for the Powerful Scorn Trace and Rocket Vex. Of course, if the Powerful Fallen Sniper was the last one you needed today, head to the Destiny 2 strategy guide to get help with anything and everything.

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