Rocket Vex - Destiny 2

It's easier than you think to find a Vex boss and complete the Rocket Vex Rasputin bounty in Destiny 2.


Ever since Guardians started doing Rasputin’s dirty work in Season of the Worthy, new bounties have been popping up. Some of the require some very specific conditions be met, like the Rocket Vex Rasputin bounty that requires players to find and kill a Vex boss. Luckily, this is very simple if you know where to look.

Vex boss location

Rocket Vex Destiny 2

For an easy Vex boss, head to Artifact’s Edge on Nessus and stay on top of the spawn point. Look down to where the Cabal public event takes place. To the right of that area is a Forge Saboteur who will spawn in about every 10 minutes or so. This enemy has several Shield Drones around it that must be destroyed to deal damage. Once you see it spawn in, destroy the Shield Drones and then burn your Super on this fool, killing it to complete the Rocket Vex Rasputin bounty. Yes, this is a Vex boss, and almost nobody has any reason to mess with it right now, so getting some shots in should be easy.

Of course, the above method is assuming you’re simply grinding this bounty out and nothing else. If you’d rather combine this bounty with other tasks, try the strike playlist to complete that weekly challenge, and perhaps you’ll get a strike with a Vex boss in the rotation. If not, you can always hop over to Artifact’s Edge and get this one done in short order.

Vex Boss Destiny 2

If you’re struggling with any other tasks in Season of the Worthy, keep in mind we have a Destiny 2 strategy guide up and running that should take care of all your needs.

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