Trove Guardian has fallen pathway location in Destiny 2

When killing the Trove Guardian in Destiny 2, players will get a message about a pathway that they need to find to secure some loot.


While hanging out on the Moon in Destiny 2, some players might happen upon the Trove Guardian while in the Anchor of Light region. Once killed, a message will appear talking about a pathway. In this guide, we’ll show you where the pathway is, and what it leads to.

Trove Guardian: A pathway has opened

If players come across the Hive Knight called the Trove Guardian while in the Anchor of Light in Destiny 2, it might seem slightly out of place. This Knight is just standing in the open and, as a yellow bar, that’s a bit of an odd sight. Once killed, things get a bit more interesting.

When the Trove Guardian dies, a message will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen that says, “The Trove Guardian has fallen, and a pathway has opened.” If you don’t know where to look this can be a bit perplexing. Luckily, we have the answer.

Trove Guardian Pathway in Destiny 2

Directly behind where the Trove Guardian stands will be a hill with some debris on it. Walk up that hill a bit and a platform will appear out of thin air. Hop on that platform and walk to the end, which will prompt another to appear. Continue to follow the platforms for a bit and they will lead to a final platform with a chest on it. Open this chest to receive some loot. Granted, it’s not great loot, but it could produce gear to bump up a Guardian’s Power level while they’re engaging in the Shadowkeep campaign.

Now that you know about the pathway that opens when the Trove Guardian is killed, you can safely return to ignoring this Hive Knight, or keep killing it now and then for a gear drop. Even if you don’t get gear, you can get Helium Filaments, which are needed to play the Tire Game in Destiny 2. Activities like this, and lots of others, can be studied through our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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