How to get Umbral engrams - Destiny 2

Umbral engrams can be focused into the gear you want most, but how can you get them?


Now that Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals is underway, Guardians are digging into the new mechanics to get familiar with the ways they will earn Power and gear. One new method of acquiring weapons and armor is through Umbral engrams, which can be focused to provide you the items you want most. In this guide, we’ll talk about all the different ways you can get Umbral engrams.

Umbral engrams

Umbral Engram Destiny 2

The primary way to get Umbral engrams in Destiny 2 is through the new Contact public event introduced for Season of Arrivals. However, this is not the only method, and your stock of Umbral engrams will vary based on the activities you choose to participate in, as well as how you opt to upgrade your Prismatic Recaster, the Drifter’s fancy new machine.

  • Normal Contact public event completions (Chance)
  • Heroic Contact public event completions (Guaranteed)
  • Season pass rewards
  • Contact weekly challenge
  • Ranking up the Prismatic Recaster
  • Strikes (Umbral Discovery)
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal (Umbral Discovery)
  • Crucible (Umbral Discovery)
  • Gambit (Umbral Discovery)
  • Dungeons (Umbral Discovery)
  • Raids (Umbral Discovery)
  • Menagerie (Umbral Discovery)
Umbral Engram Farming Destiny 2

It’s safe to say that you’ll be swimming in Umbral engrams before long. It seems they can drop just about anywhere, including randomly as you play the game, just like normal Legendary engrams.

For those not aware, Umbral Discovery is an Umbral Gift that can be unlocked from the Gifts of Light and Dark tab on the Prismatic Recaster. Umbral Discovery has three levels. At the first level, you get one Umbral engram per day from the above listed sources. You get two at level two, and three at level three.

Of course, this is only half the battle. Once you have a batch of Umbral engrams, you’ll need to focus them to get the gear you want. This is done with Altered Element using the Prismatic Recaster. Like all things in Destiny 2, there’s layers, Guardian. You can peel them back one at a time using our Destiny 2 guide, full of more content than you can imagine.

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