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Revamped Loaded Question is back to question our loadout choices with a powerful return to Destiny 2.


Loaded Question is a High-Impact, Arc Frame Fusion Rifle that has made its long awaited return to Destiny 2. With its unique perk, Reservoir Burst, now spread across other Fusions, the question is: does Laoded Question do enough to be unique this time around? The good news is that its exciting new perks is sure to get Guardians hunting it down in the Nightfall playlist.

How to get Loaded Question

Loaded Question is obtainable from Nightfall activity completions. This random drop is not a guarantee but the higher the difficulty of Nightfall completed, the higher chance you’ll be rewarded one. Keep an eye on the Nightfall weapon schedule for when it is next in rotation.

The Adept version of Loaded Question is only obtainable from Grandmaster Nightfall clears when Loaded Question is the weekly reward.

PVE - Loaded Question god roll

Loaded Question can load up with strong perks that when brought together will melt some of the toughest enemies.

Loaded Question - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine Accelerated Coils (Decreases charge time by 40ms and damage by 2 percent.)
Perk 1 Overflow (Picking up special or heavy ammo: magazine gets overflowed to 200 percent of its regular capacity from reserves. Activates even if stowed.)
Perk 2 Controlled Burst (Upon scoring a hit with every bolt in the burst: grants 20 percent increased damage and 10 percent decreased charge time for two seconds.)
Origin Trait Vanguard’s Vindication (Weapon kills restore seven HP)
Masterwork Stability or Range +10
Mod Major or Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

To help keep it straight while firing, start with Arrowhead Brake to keep the recoil vertical, making the shots consistent. Accelerated Coils ensures we can get bursts off faster and while it does bring down Impact, the amount is negligible when you throw in Mods and the main perk, Controlled Burst.

Loaded Question on D2Foundry showing perks for a PVE god roll

Source: D2Foundry

There’s some exciting perks to combine on this Loaded Question in the last two slots but Overflow and Controlled Burst are major standouts for PVE content of all levels. Overflow’s bonus gives us way over the standard amount of shots which combines perfectly with Controlled Burst’s increase to damage and reduced Charge Time. This enables us to deal some serious damage to the tankier enemies and bosses in Destiny 2.

If you are looking for some silly fun when clearing mobs, Overflow and Reservoir Burst combine to great effect. The burst effect from Reservoir Burst clicks for every shot over the usual full magazine. This means you can bring the boom on several shots, rather than just the first.

PVP - Loaded Question god roll

Due to the prominence of other Fusion Rifles we may not see much of Loaded Question in high end PVP circles.

Loaded Question - PVP
Barrel Smallbore (Range +7, Stability +7)
Magazine Projection Fuse (Range +10)
Perk 1 Under Pressure (Bonuses increase after magazine drops below 50 percent: Stability +30, 25 percent to 50 percent decreased accuracy cone size)
Perk 2 Eye of the Storm (Linearly grants Handling +50, -40 percent accuracy cone size, and -17 percent accuracy cone growth as health decreases below 156 HP.)
Origin Trait Vanguard’s Vindication (Weapon kills restore seven HP)
Masterwork Range +10
Mod Counterbalance Stock (Recoil +15)

Here we need to push our Stability and Range as far as we can for best results. Smallbore starts that off in the barrel for strong boosts to both these stats. Projection Fuse ensures our bolts travel to as far as possible, keeping us at safer distances.

Loaded Question on D2Foundry showing perks for a PVP god roll

Source: D2Foundry

As you do not start with max ammo for your Special weapons in PVP, Under Pressure is already receiving nearly the peak of its bonuses. Granting us nearly the biggest advantage from the moment we spawn which is an immediate difference maker. Due to the Charge Time of Loaded Question, if we’re not getting the drop on our opponents we may take some damage so Eye of the Storm gives us that cutting edge when under some serious fire in gun fights.

Loaded Question makes a strong return to the sandbox and is well worth hunting for this season. For more Season of the Deep information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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