Endless Gate Imperial Treasure location in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's Endless Gate holds another Imperial Treasure chest to find and open for some powerful rewards.


The Endless Gate Imperial Treasure chest is yet another one of Emperor Calus’ well-hidden caches. This time, players will be directed to Io, the home of the happy chappy Asher Mir. Actually reaching the chest is going to require a bit of trekking through caverns.

Destiny 2 | Endless Gate Imperial Treasure location

Locating the Endless Gate Imperial Treasure chest requires setting your sights to Io. The chest is hidden on the southernmost section of the Patrol Zone, deep within a series of caverns and tunnels. However, accessing it requires taking a slightly different route through a cave hidden near the Pyramidion.

Load into Io using The Rupture fast travel point (the one beside Asher Mir) and then head toward the Pyramidion. You will need to cut across the front of this Strike entrance toward the cliff face. Instead of approaching the cliff, turn right and go down the ramp to find a small cave.

Destiny 2 Endless Gate Imperial Treasure location
The entrance to the Endless Gate is found on the left of the Pyramidion in The Rupture.

Pass through this cave system, fighting off any Vex that get in your way. You will enter an area called the Endless Gate, which looks like a long bridge with several pillars on either side. The Imperial Treasure chest is just to the right-hand side of this bridge, right up against the edge.

Open the chest to get the Imperial Salute Triumph, along with one or two runes, a handful of Imperials, and a guaranteed powerful drop. If you’re trying to get more Imperials in Destiny 2, consider completing the Menagerie Triumphs, as each one rewards 500 Imperials.

There are four Imperial Treasure chests to find each week, and some of them can be particularly challenging to locate. Now that the location of the Endless Gate Imperial Treasure chest is known, head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 completes strategy guide to find the location of Emperor Calus’ other chests.

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