Menagerie Triumphs in Season of Opulence - Destiny 2

Learn all of the Triumphs in the Menagerie in Destiny 2, even the Hidden Triumphs related to bosses and Heroic mode.


The Menagerie has a lot of Triumphs to unlock in Destiny 2, and all of them reward Imperials. Unlocking all the Triumphs is going to take a bit of work, especially as some of them are hidden. If you want to fill your pockets with Imperials and fully upgrade your Chalice, you’re going to need to start playing the Menagerie in a few different ways.

Menagerie Triumphs - Hidden and Heroic

Destiny 2 Menagerie Triumphs
There are hidden Triumphs for each of the Menagerie bosses.

There are 42 Menagerie Triumphs to unlock and the majority of them involve playing the Menagerie in interesting ways. You will be tasked with completing challenges quickly, completing them with a unique twist, and defeating the boss in a specific manner. Some of the Triumphs even relate to the Heroic mode.

A Taste of Power Unlock any Chalice slot.
Drink Deep Unlock every Chalice slot.
Purchase Makes Perfect Unlock any upgade for the Chalice.
Prize(d) Fighter Defeat Arunak, Beloved by Calus.
Sweet and Shy Defeat Bagouri, Beloved by Calus.
Flair For Drama Defeat Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus.
Sightseeing Complete 50 encounters within the Menagerie.
Golden Experience Complete the bounty "Golden Experience," available from Werner 99-40.
Benevolence Complete the bounty "Benevolence," available from Werner 99-40.
Imperial Bestiary Complete the bounty "Imperial Bestiary," available from Werner 99-40.
Trial by Wits Complete the bounty "Trial by Wits," available from Werner 99-40.
Trial by Combat Complete the bounty "Trial by Combat," available from Werner 99-40.
Trial by Valor Complete the bounty "Trial by Valor," available from Werner 99-40.
Gaze Into Death's Eyes Complete the boutny "Gaze Into Death's Eyes," available from Werner 99-40.
The Emperor's Embrace Complete the bounty, "The Emperor's Embrace," available from Werner 99-40.
The Imperial Salute Complete the bounty, "The Imperial Salute," available from Werner 99-40.
Salvaged Goods Complete the bounty "Salvaged Goods," available from Werner 99-40.
Revered Treasures Complete the bounty "Revered Treasures," available from Werner 99-40.
Spoils of War Complete the boutny "Spoils of War," available from Werner 99-40.
Treasure Hunt Complete 16 of Werner 99-40's weekly bounties.
Faster than Lightning Complete "The Arkborn" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Time Manipulation Complete "The Crystals" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
The Hunter Becomes The… Complete "The Hunted" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Parry, Strike, Parry Complete "The Riposte" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Going the Distance Complete "The Gauntlet" by having all six players complete every lap before time runs out.
Safe Haven Defeat the Ogres in "The Mockery" in the Menagerie with all three havens preserved.
Like Clockwork Complete a run through the Menagerie without running out of time in any encounter.
Imperial Finery Complete a run through the Menagerie in a complete set of Opulent gear.
A Beautiful and Terrible Thing Earn the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Truth.
Dangerous to Go Alone As a Fireteam, light one lamp each during "The Lamplighting" in the Menagerie.
Chariots of Fire Complete a run in the Gauntlet where all six players complete any lap together.
Rolling Deep Slot 200 runes in your Chalice to collect rewards from the Menagerie.
Short-Handed Complete a run through the Heroic Menagerie with a fireteam of three or fewer.
Go Speed Runner, Go! Complete a run thorugh the Heroic Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Fire Is the Test of Gold Eearn the complete Menagerie weapon set.
Come Out and Play Defeat Pagouri after luring it to each Vex plate only one.
Divided We Conquer Defeat Hasapiko while no two Guardians share any one Firewall well.
Eyes Only for You Defeat Arunak without defeating any Hive knights.
Lambs to the Slaughter During a Heroic Menagerie run, defeat Pagouri without allowing any fireteam member to die.
Break a Leg During a Heroic Menagerie run, defeat Hasapiko without allowing any fireteam member to die.
Uncontrolled Rage During a Heroic Menagerie run, defeat Arunak without allowing any fireteam member to die.
Mint in Box Earn the Season of Opulence collections badge.

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Unlocking all 42 Menagerie Triumphs will reward a total of 42,000 Imperials. That should be enough to completely upgrade the Chalice of Opulence and then some. In the event some of these are too difficult to complete, consider finding other means of getting more Imperials so you can get your Chalice sorted.

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