How to get Mementos - Destiny 2

Unlocking Mementos in Destiny 2 is a game of luck, but getting one and leveling it up is worth the effort.


Mementos are a new type of cosmetic item introduced to Destiny 2 in the Witch Queen expansion. These random drops can be inserted into crafted weapons, giving them trackers, unlocking titles, and unique shaders. Unlocking a Memento is either going to be quick or a massive grind, depending on your luck.

How to get Mementos

destiny 2 get mementos
Mementos can drop from end-game activities like Gambit.

Mementos drop at the end of an activity. For example, upon completing a Gambit match (win or lose) you have a chance of receiving a Memento. It is entirely up to luck whether you get one, but the general word in the community is that streak bonuses positively impact your odds of unlocking one.

As of writing, it seems that the Gambit Memento is the only one available. Players will need to check back regularly to see whether the other Mementos are unlocked in later seasons.

How to use Mementos

destiny 2 use mementos weapon crafting
Mementos can be placed into crafted weapons using the Memento Socket.

Once you unlock a Memento, you will need to place it into a crafted weapon. To do this, go to the Relic on the Enclave and either Shape or Reshape a weapon. Look for the Memento slot on the far right of the weapon crafting screen.

A Memento can only be used once and cannot be removed from a weapon. For this reason, you must carefully choose which weapon to put it.

How to level up Mementos

destiny 2 level up mementos
Level up your Memento by using the weapon it's slotted into.

Leveling Mementos is the same as leveling weapons: use the weapon. There are going to be ideal locations to quickly level up a Memento each season with the general rule of thumb being to go somewhere with a lot of enemies.

The reason you want to level up a Memento is that there are rewards for hitting three distinct levels:

  • Level 1: Kill Tracker
  • Level 20: Title
  • Level 30: Shader

Unlocking Mementos in Destiny 2 is going to take a lot of luck. Some players may get one rather quickly while others could be farming for what feels like forever. Try keeping your streak bonus high, as rumor has it that could help. When you do get a Memento, slap it in a weapon and level it up to unlock its Title and Shader. For more help with all aspects of the game, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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