The Fourth Horseman - Destiny 2

Complete In Rides a Pale Horse and get The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2.


This guide will show players how to get The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2. This is an energy weapon that deals Arc damage and can be obtained by players who complete an Exotic quest called In Rides a Pale Horse.

How to get The Fourth Horseman

Fourth Horseman Destiny 2

The Exotic quest to get The Fourth Horseman isn’t short. It involves quite a bit of busy work, but nothing overly difficult until the end of the quest. Below we’ll give you a complete walkthrough of every step and the best ways to complete them.

In Rides a Pale Horse

In Rides Pale Horse Destiny 2

Pick up this quest by visiting Zavala in the Tower. He’ll talk about a weapon he wants you to retrieve from the Vanguard vault. Have to wonder why we're just hoarding amazing weapons that we could have used to, I don't know, defeat Riven, or any other of the thousands of enemies of humanity.

Enter the Vault: Vault accessed

Zavala’s office is the key to finding the Vanguard vault. We’ve embedded a video to show you the route to take in order to complete this step. Please note that if you pick up the quest from Zavala, the door will not be open. You must return to Orbit, then load back into the Tower and take the route in the video.

Missing in Action: Zavala visited

Fast travel back to the main spawn point in the Tower and run over to Zavala. He’ll give you the next step of the quest, which is to go talk to someone else.

Fresh Lead: Ana visited

Bring up your Director and head to Mars. Spawn in near Ana Bray and head directly to her. She will give you the next step. There is no point in engaging in activities on Mars until you've talked to her.

On the Hunt: Intel Collected

This step will require that Guardians either defeat Cabal on Mars, or complete public events on Mars. Or, you can kill two birds with one stone. Defeating Cabal progresses this at a very slow pace, so focus on the public events, including Escalation Protocol. However, any public event on Mars will do, even if it doesn’t feature Cabal. It will take several public events to finish this off.

Return to Ana: Visit Ana

Head back to Ana Bray and she’ll update you on the next step of the quest, which involves more grinding, of course. Guess this is what happens when Bungie doesn't have time to make proper quests for Exotic weapons, like Zero Hour or The Whisper.

In the Shadows: Heist data gathered

For this step, you need to kill Psions and loot Cabal chests. There are a few Psions in Braytech Futurescape but that’s not the most efficient way to do this. Head to the Glacial Drift region on Mars and, specifically, the Ma'adim Subterrane lost sector. There are probably 10-15 Psions in there, and each one counts as two percent of your progress. The best part, though, is that the Cabal chest at the end of the lost sector is worth 20 percent progress, meaning three runs of this lost sector and you’re done this step.

Under Our Nose: Benedict visited

Head back to the Tower and visit with Benedict 99-40, who is found in the Annex portion. There’s a spawn point nearby that you can use to get to him quickly.

Dirty Work: Encryption eliminated

Time for more busy work, but this time out you’re headed to the EDZ. Your goal is to complete patrols, public events, and defeat combatants. My experience showed that I was getting about five percent progress per patrol, and maybe a bit more because of combatants I defeated. On the other hand, I was getting 10 percent progress per heroic public event. My strategy quickly became grinding patrols between public events, and that progressed this step along nicely.

Rein It In: Return to Benedict 99-40

Head back to Benedict in the Annex portion of the Tower and talk to him one more time. He’ll give you the next quest step to complete, but this is where things get rough.

Lost and Found: Clear out Legendary Lost Sector: Quarry

Quarry Legendary Lost Sector Destiny 2

The next step of the quest is to clear out the Legendary lost sector in the EDZ called The Quarry. The issue is that Legendary lost sectors are only accessible through Rasputin bunkers. You must complete the Daily Bunker Buster (this must be done each day) to bring Rasputin back online, then check the Legendary lost sector for the day. If the Legendary lost sector is not Quarry, you’ve got to wait before you can get The Fourth Horseman. The Quarry Legendary lost sector will be a Power 1,000 activity, so anything less than 975 (which is still insanely tough), and you’re probably not completing this. It will also require coordination with your fireteam since Champions are inside and mods must be used to defeat them.

Note: As of March 17, 2020, at 8:43 p.m. EDT, Shacknews confirmed The Fourth Horseman can be obtained through The Quarry, a Legendary adventure.

fourth horseman Destiny 2
The Forth Horseman will drop from the chest at the end of the activity.

Now that you know how to get The Fourth Horseman, visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with obtaining all the game’s Exotic weapons.

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