Song of Ir Yut god roll - Destiny 2

Song of Ir Yut is the best Arc Machine Gun in Destiny 2, provided you make a decent god roll.


Season of the Witch brought with it something from the pit and that was the latest reprised raid, Crota’s End. This raid has now given Guardians one of the strongest Machine Guns in the current sandbox. With a strong perk set across the board, Song of Ir Yut is a must-have Power weapon.

Song of Ir Yut is an Arc, 450 RPM, Adaptive Frame, Machine Gun, and brings a ton of variety to its PvE game alongside solid PvP options. Its multi-purpose is what makes it so unique and if you want to go all out with damage or use it as a way to mow down waves of enemies, Song of Ir Yut can do it all.

How to get Song of Ir Yut

Song of Ir Yut is pulled from the Crota’s End raid for completions of The Abyss and Ir Yut, The Deathsinger encounters. It can also drop from the extra red border chest after defeating Crota. Check out our Crota’s End loot table for more weapon drop locations.

Once collected, Song of Ir Yut can be picked up from the final chest with Spoils of Conquest or as a chance from the secret chests found in the Crota’s End raid. Song of Ir Yut is craftable, providing enhanced perks. Collect five with Deepsight Resonance to be able to create one on the crafting table.

PvE - Song of Ir Yut god roll

Song of Ir Yut comes with several powerful combinations and can suit various playstyles and builds. This god roll focuses on pumping out strong damage while ensuring you can still clear adds.

Song of Ir Yut - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil 20+, Handling +10)
Magazine Extended Mag (Magazine +14, Reload -18, Airborne Effectiveness +10)
Perk 1 Reconstruction (Refills 10 percent of the magazine capacity from reserves every four seconds while not firing the weapon)
Perk 2 Target Lock (Assuming no missed shots, provides a 25 percent damage buff on average after firing 100 percent of the Magazine)
Origin Trait Cursed Thrall (After defeating a target with a melee, final blows with this weapon cause targets to explode)
Masterwork Stability +10
Mod Major or Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

To ensure Song of Ir Yut stays on target, start with Arrowhead Brake as the Barrel. This brings all Recoil in and reduces the bounce when firing. Extended Mag adds 14 to the magazine, this not only helps sustain damage for longer where needed but feeds the following perks to great effect.

Song of Ir Yut god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

Reconstruction gives Song of Ir Yut a serious push to be in the top tier of Machine Guns. Given enough time, Reconstruction doubles the magazine size from reserves. If you have the ammo available, this can equal over 140 shots before running out. Reconstruction then feeds into Target Lock, where sustained precision damage is the key to increasing its output. This amount of ammo paired with consistent headshots to your enemies will deal massive damage. 

Honorable mention to the combination of Rewind Rounds and Bait and Switch. There’s much more setup to this but the overall combination is a powerful one which some guardians will lean towards with current tools available in the sandbox.

PvP - Song of Ir Yut god roll

Song of Ir Yut may surprise opponents in PvP with its strong perk set, giving this Machine Gun another dimension when it comes to the Crucible. As picking up heavy ammo won’t provide reserves, the focus is on Stability and enhancing stats with the perks available.

Song of Ir Yut - PVP
Barrel Chambered Compensator (Stability +10, Recoil +10, Handling -5)
Magazine Ricochet Rounds (Stability +10, Range +5)
Perk 1 Keep Away (If no enemies are within 15 meters: grants Range +10, Reload +30, and narrows the Accuracy Cone by five percent)
Perk 2 Sword Logic (Weapon kills grant stacks. The number of stacks and buff duration are tied to the highest enemy rank killed since activation. Up to four stacks. Minors: one stack for 5.5 seconds. Elites and players: two stacks for 7.5 seconds. Minibosses and players in their super: three stacks for 10.5 seconds. Bosses: four stacks for 15.5 seconds. Damage increase per stack: 15 percent|25 percent|35 percent|50 percent. Additional kills refresh the buff duration tied to the highest enemy rank killed)
Origin Trait Cursed Thrall (After defeating a target with a melee, final blows with this weapon cause targets to explode)
Masterwork Stability +10
Mod Quick Access Sling (Decreases ready and stow animation by 10 percent)

Starting with Chambered Compensator, its Stability boost and added Recoil control does enough to give Song of Ir Yut deadly accuracy during a gunfight. Ricochet Rounds then props Stability up further, ensuring each shot stays on target without too much pull.

Song of Ir Yut god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Keep Away ensures that Song of Ir Yut gains a great amount of Range and even more accuracy. Keep your opponents at a distance and you can stay way out of danger while guaranteeing powerful bonuses, giving a big advantage when holding down areas of the map. Finish off with the Crota’s End weapon exclusive perk, Sword Logic. Any kill in the Crucible gives an immediate 25 percent damage buff; take down an opponent in their super for a 35 percent buff. These are game changing amounts and if you get even one of these rolling, opponents will be melting if they come into contact with Song of Ir Yut. 

Song of Ir Yut challenges the Machine Gun meta with its powerful new perk combinations and is a must-have for Guardians this season. For more Season of the Witch information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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