Where to find the Ethereal Charms in Destiny 2

Learn the location of the Ethereal Charms so you can complete the Essence of Greed in Destiny 2.


Finding the Ethereal Charms in Destiny 2 can take a lot of wandering around below the Moon. This weapon part is a critical item in the Essence of Greed, a quest to create the machine gun, A Fine Memorial. The charms are actually located in the Temple of Crota, which is one of the easier places to reach.

Where to find the Ethereal Charms – Essence of Greed

The Ethereal Charms are found in the Temple of Crota. You will need to collect this weapon part for the Essence of Greed quest in order to craft A Fine Memorial.

The Temple of Crota is an area just below the surface of the Moon. Below the moon is a twisting and winding mess of caves and tunnels, making it difficult to find any places – especially for those who started with Destiny 2. However, this temple is fairly close to the surface and is easiest to reach from Sanctuary.

To reach the Temple of Crota, spawn in at the Sanctuary fast travel point near Eris Morn and take the right-hand path to Anchor of Light. Cut across the area, pass the turn-off to the Fallen Ketch and keep going toward the large building. Beside this building is a small path that leads to the temple.

Go down the hill and head through the door. There’s only one path to take here, so follow it down. You can take a shortcut through the Hive drop pod or just go around the outside. You’ll enter a large room with another Hive drop pod in the middle; at this point you should see a waypoint on your screen.

Head over to the waypoint to find the weapon parts – Ethereal Charms – lying on the ground. Pick them up to complete this step of the Essence of Greed. This whole area is technically the Temple of Crota, so lock that away in your memory for future use. While you’re at it, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more of these weapon part locations.

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