Planestrider Emblem - Destiny 2

Find out what the Planestrider Emblem looks like and find out how to get it in Destiny 2.


The Planestrider Emblem in Destiny 2 is going to take some work to acquire. A lot of strikes will be involved, but I’m here to tell you exactly how to get this Emblem, and even show you what it looks like you can decide if it’s worth the effort.

Planestrider Emblem

Destiny 2 Display of Supremacy
Complete the Season 15 Week 10 Seasonal Challenge Display of Supremacy to unlock Planestrider.
Planestrider Emblem Destiny 2
You'll need to get the Fulfillment Ornament to unlock the Planestrider Emblem.

To get the Planestrider Emblem in Destiny 2, you must complete the Season 15 Week 10 Seasonal Challenge called Display of Supremacy. This challenge requires you to acquire the Vanguard ornament for Ascendancy. To do this, Guardians must level their Vanguard Rank to 17, then reset it. Once your Vanguard Rank is reset, you must then level it back to 16. It’s only on the second time through the Vanguard Ranks that you can obtain the Fulfillment Ornament, which is the Vanguard ornament for Ascendancy.

It’s not a short journey to get your hands on the Planestrider Emblem. The good news is, Vanguard Rank is currently earned at three times its normal rate. This means you can grind the Vanguard Strike playlist from October 26, 2021, at 1 p.m. EDT, until November 2, 2021, at 1 p.m. EDT. It’s likely that there will be another triple Vanguard Rank week before the end of Season 15, but this week is a fantastic time to grab this ornament with only one-third of the Vanguard Strikes normally required.

Planestrider doesn't look half bad, but it's not going to be particularily rare.

As for what Planestrider looks like, you can see that in the image embedded above, or you can view it in your very own in-game Collections. Head to the Flair section, then Emblems, then Seasonal. I found Planestrider on the final page. You can even preview what it will look like, then decide if it’s worth the grind to unlock.

Now that you know how to get the Planestrider Emblem unlocked for your account, be sure to visit the Destiny 2 strategy guide. We have hundreds of guides to help you with everything Destiny 2 related. In fact, you’ve probably already popped by a few times and didn’t realize it.

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