How to get Stelwart Skin ornament - Destiny 2

Unlock Stelwart Skin and change the look of Reckless Endangerment in Destiny 2.


Unlocking the Stelwart Skin ornament in Destiny 2 for Reckless Endangerment is going to take a bit of work. This unique weapon ornament is locked behind Vanguard ranks. Spend enough time farming, though, and you’ll soon find this cosmetic will be all yours.

How to unlock Stelwart Skin ornament

destiny 2 stelwart skin
Once you hit Rank 16, claim Reckless Endangerment, and reset your rank, you will find Stelwart Skin in Zavala's list of rewards.

To unlock the Stelwart Skin ornament in Destiny 2, you must reach max Vanguard rank and reset it. Once you reset your Vanguard rank, you will see that the Stelwart Skin ornament will be in the list of rewards, basically in the same spot that previously had Reckless Endangerment.

Resetting your Vanguard rank is going to take a bit of time. The fastest way to ensure this happens is to simply start playing the Vanguard Ops playlist. Every one of these playlist missions you complete will earn you a little bit of XP. The amount of XP you earn will increase every time you stay in the playlist completing missions, maxing out at a streak of five. When you hit this max streak, keep on going!

It may take a while to reset your Vanguard rank, potentially even multiple play sessions, but once you do, return to Zavala in the Tower. Speak with Zavala and reset the rank by claiming all of the rewards. You will note that it will now say Prestige 1 over on the right-hand side of the screen. You can now claim the Stelwart Skin ornament.

With the ornament claimed, you’ll now likely want to pursue unlocking the other ornaments, Done and Dusty as well as Serpentine Skin. For now though, slap the Stelwart Skin ornament onto your Reckless Endangerment and enjoy the Shotgun’s new look. For more help unlocking the various cosmetic items and rewards in the game, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide.

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