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Learn about Vanguard Ranks in Destiny 2, how many points you need to level up, and how to reset your rank.


Vanguard Ranks is a new way to reward Destiny 2 players with gear for playing Strikes, Nightfalls, and other seasonal activities. This new system comes with a several ranks, a few of which feature valuable rewards. Ranking up through these levels and claiming the rewards – and doing it quickly – will be a priority for players that are chasing Ritual weapons and powerful gear.

Vanguard Ranks

destiny 2 vanguard ranks

There are 16 Vanguard Ranks for players to progress through in Destiny 2. These ranks are divided into six main areas, with three ranks per area except for the final rank. Players start at Guardian, then work their way up to Brave, then Heroic, and so on. The higher you go, the more points you need – but there’s a great way to speed this process up.

Vanguard Ranks
Rank # Rank name Total Points Points to next rank
1 Guardian I 0 - 49 50
2 Guardian II 50 - 124 75
3 Guardian III 125 - 249 125
4 Brave I 250 - 499 250
5 Brave II 500 - 949 450
6 Brave III 950 - 1549 600
7 Heroic I 1550 - 1924 375
8 Heroic II 1925 - 2524 600
9 Heroic III 2525 - 3349 825
10 Fabled I 3350 - 3874 525
11 Fabled II 3875 - 4649 775
12 Fabled III 4650 - 5699 1050
13 Mythic I 5700 - 6449 750
14 Mythic II 6450 - 7524 1075
15 Mythic III 7525 - 8999 1475
16 Legend 9000 - 10000

Players can earn Vanguard Rank points by playing Strikes and Nightfalls, as well as seasonal activities like Battlegrounds. Moving up the ranks is as simple as playing these activity. In fact, if you stay in the activity and continue to play, you will earn a streak, which caps at five. If you change activity (to Crucible, Gambit, etc) you will lose your streak.

How to level up Vanguard Ranks fast

destiny 2 vanguard ranks fast

Completing bounties no longer helps rank up the Vanguard, instead, progress is earned by completing activities. To speed this process up, you will want to continue playing Vanguard activities (Strikes, Nightfall, etc) until you reach 5-streaks. At this point, hunker down and grind.

How to reset Vanguard Rank

reset vanguard rank destiny 2

Much like Crucible and Gambit, you can also reset your Vanguard Rank. Resetting your rank allows you to continue earning top-tier rewards, like Enhancement Prisms.

  1. Reach Rank 16 and fill the bar (10,000 points)
  2. Go to the Tower and speak with Zavala
  3. Claim the Ascendant Shard

As soon as you claim the shard, your Vanguard Rank will reset and you can earn more rewards. This time, the reset-reward will be an Exotic engram. This is a great opportunity for players that are missing some Exotics to fill out their collection.

The Vanguard Ranks in Destiny 2 are a new addition and a great way for players to earn valuable upgrade materials and even some Ritual weapons. By boosting that streak, you’ll be able to earn points a lot faster – so keep playing! Swing over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more information on the game’s many systems.

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