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Every new Crucible Rank in Destiny 2 and how many points you need to move up and reset.


Crucible Ranks is the new term to describe the leveling system in Destiny 2’s PVP mode. These ranks used to go by another name, and with this recent change also came a change to the point requirements as well as the win streak bonus. Rewards are now tied to levels and ranks, and the way to reset your Crucible Rank is different. So with these changes comes new information and tables!

Crucible Ranks

destiny 2 crucible ranks

There are a total of 16 Crucible Ranks in Destiny 2 that are split into six main areas that have their own name (Guardian, Brave, Heroic, etc). There are three ranks per name, except for the last one (Legend), which has only one. Moving up the ranks requires competing in Crucible matches – even if you lose you still earn progress. Note that Crucible Ranks are different to the Glory Ranks, the latter of which is for Competitive Crucible.

Crucible Ranks
Rank # Rank name Total Points Points to next rank
1 Guardian I 0 - 49 50
2 Guardian II 50 - 124 75
3 Guardian III 125 - 249 125
4 Brave I 250 - 499 250
5 Brave II 500 - 949 450
6 Brave III 950 - 1549 600
7 Heroic I 1550 - 1924 375
8 Heroic II 1925 - 2524 600
9 Heroic III 2525 - 3349 825
10 Fabled I 3350 - 3874 525
11 Fabled II 3875 - 4649 775
12 Fabled III 4650 - 5699 1050
13 Mythic I 5700 - 6449 750
14 Mythic II 6450 - 7524 1075
15 Mythic III 7525 - 8999 1475
16 Legend 9000 - 10000

As mentioned above, in order to move up the Crucible Ranks, you must play Crucible matches. Each match you complete (win or lose) will add to your streak, the larger your streak (maximum of 5), the more progress you will earn. If you go and play another activity, your streak will reset. Going to Orbit, the Tower, or H.E.L.M. does not reset your win streak. This means you are free to go and get more bounties, decrypt Prime Engrams, or do other inventory management between matches.

How to level up Crucible Ranks fast

Unlike previous seasons of Destiny 2, Crucible bounties no longer progress your Crucible Ranks. Bounties are now just for XP or gear. This means the fastest way to level up your Crucible Rank is to keep playing Crucible matches without starting another activity (patrol, Gambit, etc). By getting the full five streak bonus, you will be earning significantly more progress.

destiny 2 crucible ranks streaks

While the streaks are rewarded regardless of whether you win or lose, you will earn more points if you perform better. The more kills you get, the more zones you capture, and the fewer deaths you have, the more points you will get at the end of the match.

The other way to increase your Crucible ranks quickly is to play when a double-XP event is occurring. This often occurs whenever Iron Banner is active. During these events, you get twice the amount of progress you would get normally, which makes the 5-streak even more potent.

How to reset Crucible Ranks

reset crucible rank destiny 2

To reset your Crucible Rank in Destiny 2, you must now go and visit Lord Shaxx.

  1. Reach Rank 16 (Legend) and fill the bar (10,000 points)
  2. Go to the Tower and speak with Lord Shaxx
  3. Claim the Ascendant Shard reward

As soon as you claim the Ascendant Shard, your Crucible Rank will reset and you can continue your journey through the ranks again for additional rewards. Reaching Rank 16 is also how you will unlock some of the Crucible Ritual weapons. Once you claim the Ascendant Shard, the reward for reaching the max Crucible Rank will be an Exotic Engram.

Climbing through the Crucible Ranks in Destiny 2 is a lengthy process, but one that is made more manageable if you know the ranks and the point requirements to progress. By taking advantage of the 5-streak and playing during double-XP events, you can quickly rank up and even reset your Crucible Rank in a matter of hours. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more information on every aspect of the game.

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