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Learn about the Trials Ranks and the point requirements for moving up the levels in Destiny 2.


Trials of Osiris has gone through a couple of different iterations, and its latest form in Destiny 2 includes several ranks. For players that want to earn more Trials gear, ascending through the Trials Ranks will be critical, and part of this is knowing how many points lie between your current rank and where you want to be.

Trials Ranks

destiny 2 trials ranks

There are 16 Trials Ranks to work through in Destiny 2. These are split across six tiers, each consisting of three levels, save the last one. Moving up the ranks is as easy as playing games. Unlike the Glory Ranks that require wins, you only need to participate in matches to move up, though performance is a factor.

Trials of Osiris Ranks
Rank # Rank name Total Points Points to next rank
1 Guardian I 0 - 49 50
2 Guardian II 50 - 124 75
3 Guardian III 125 - 249 125
4 Brave I 250 - 549 300
5 Brave II 550 - 1074 525
6 Brave III 1075 - 1749 675
7 Heroic I 1750 - 2099 350
8 Heroic II 2100 - 2749 650
9 Heroic III 2750 - 3499 750
10 Fabled I 3500 - 3999 500
11 Fabled II 4000 - 4699 700
12 Fabled III 4700 - 5749 1050
13 Mythic I 5750 - 6399 650
14 Mythic II 6400 - 7549 1150
15 Mythic III 7550 - 8999 1450
16 Legend 9000 - 10000 1000 to Prestige

The points required to move up the Trials Ranks increases with each tier. However, after you reach a new named tier (like going from Brave III to Heroic I), the amount of XP needed to rank up drops down a bit before climbing back up higher than before.

At each major level you will receive a Trials engram, which is offered by Saint-14. You can either focus it for a specific piece of gear or open it up to receive something you’ve not received previously.

How to level up Trials Ranks fast

destiny 2 trials ranks reset
You can reset your Trials Rank once you reach 10,000 XP. Visit Saint-14 and claim the Ascendant Shard.

Like the other ranking systems in Destiny 2, in order to level up Trials Ranks faster, simply continue to play the mode. The more you play, the more XP you will earn. Similarly, while you will earn XP regardless of whether you win or lose, you will earn more XP if you perform well. Start playing smarter and working together with your teammates and you’ll find yourself rocketing through the ranks.

It's also possible to earn XP by tuning in to Twitch streams on the weekend, specifically those playing Trials of Osiris. After each match, you can click one of the reactions that appear, do this 10 times to receive a reward that is collected at the Cryptarch. You'll get about 200 XP, which is great for the first few ranks but less important the higher your rank.

The Trials Ranks in Destiny 2 is a great new way for players to consistently get Trials gear, even though they’re not winning each game. For those with the skill to win matches and go flawless, it’s a way to ensure you receive plenty of loot, opening the way for some great god rolls. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more system overviews and explanations.

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