Maelstrom quest - Destiny 2

The Maelstrom quest focuses on finding Strand sources, doing activities, and clearing a Lost Sector in Destiny 2.


After finishing Stargazer, players will have access to a new quest called Maelstrom. This quest has fewer steps, but it has one rather grindy section requiring luck and waiting for things to spawn. Once completed, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking a new Exotic.

Maelstrom quest

The Maelstrom quest is available after completing Welcome to the Hall of Heroes and Stargazer. You’ll need to spend some time in the Vex Incursion Zone looking for Strand sources, doing activities, and completing a specific Lost Sector on Neomuna.

Visit Quinn in the Hall of Heroes after finishing Stargazer to pick up Maelstrom.

Step 1: Bond with Strand sources & do activities

The first step in the Maelstrome quest

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The first step is to bond with Strand sources. These sources are the same as the ones you interacted with during the campaign. They will spawn wherever the Vex Incursion Zone is taking place, so locate it on your map and head there. The Strand sources appear randomly, so just run around the area until you spot one – it will take a while. When two are found, that part is done.

A Strand source for the Maelstrome quest

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While you’re running around searching, do public events, patrols, and loot chests and resource nodes to complete the other task. These will all count toward defending the area. Kills don’t count, so definitely pick up patrols to make this one go quickly.

Step 2: Complete a Lost Sector

The second step in the Maelstrom quest

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Complete the Lost Sector in the same region where the Vex Incursion Zone is happening. Use our helpful Lost Sector guide to help locate them.

Step 3: Repair Maelstrom’s memorial

The third step in the Maelstrom quest

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Head back to the Hall of Heroes and repair Maelstrom’s memorial.

Step 4: Speak with Quinn

The last step of the Maelstrom quest

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Go chat with Quinn and wrap up the Maelstrom quest.

There are not a lot of steps for the Maelstrom quest, but the first one will take a while. It’s entirely dependent on how fast you can find a Strand source. For some players they will spawn quickly while for others it could take far longer. Check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more Lightfall quest walkthroughs.

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