Stargazer quest - Destiny 2

The Stargazer quest will have you roaming around Neomuna defeating Vex and participating in Terminal Overloads in Destiny 2.


The Stargazer quest in Destiny 2 follows on from Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. This questline sees players completing Terminal Overload and using keys to acquire gear. It’s a short quest, but a good one for some Powerful loot.

Stargazer quest

After completing Welcome to the Hall of Heroes, speak with Quinn to grab the Stargazer quest.

Step 1: Loot the Terminal Overload chest

The first step in the Stargazer quest

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The first step will be to loot the Terminal Overload chest at the end of the activity. You might not have a key at this point, which is fine, as you only need to loot the one you can actually open. If you do have a Terminal Overload key, great!

Step 2: Defeat a Vex in Esi Terminal

The second step in the Stargazer quest showing the Esi Terminal location

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Track the quest on your map, as you’ll need to head to an off the map location called Esi Terminal. This location is to the west of Zephyr Concourse. Just follow the HUD marker until you reach the Hydra. Destroy it and head back to wherever the Terminal Overload activity is happening today.

Step 3: Acquire a Terminal Overload key

The third step for Stargazer

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Now you’ll actually need to get a Terminal Overload key. Do this by completing patrols, opening chests, or doing public events. If you hang out near the Terminal Overload activity, hopefully you can find a key and join in on completing the fight.

Step 4: Open a Terminal Overload chest

A Terminal Overload key in the inventory

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Once you have your key, open the second Terminal Overload chest. This chest will reward you with a Neomuna weapon.

Step 5: Return to the Hall of Heroes

Step five for Stargazer

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Head back to the Hall of Heroes and repair Stargazer’s memorial.

Step 6: Speak with Quinn

The last step in the Stargazer quest

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Speak with Quinn to wrap up Stargazer and start the next quest, Maelstrom.

The Stargazer quest in Destiny 2 introduces the concept of Terminal Overload keys. Completing this quest is required to eventually reach the Strider quest, which rewards the Winterbite Exotic Glaive. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 strategy guide for more quest coverage.

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