How to get Terminal Overload keys - Destiny 2

Stock up on Terminal Overload keys and earn some Neomuna-themed weapons in Destiny 2.


Terminal Overload keys are a new currency in Destiny 2. Introduced with Lightfall, these are needed to unlock a chest at the end of the Terminal Overload activity. Chances are you’ll encounter these locked chests before you find a key, leading to a bit of confusion about how to get one. Here’s what you need to know.

How to get Terminal Overload keys

Terminal Overload key in the Inventory

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Terminal Overload keys drop from public events, looting chests, and completing patrols on Neomuna. Acquiring a key is part of the Stargazer quest, which is available after completing the Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest, which itself is available after finishing the Lightfall campaign. Here’s the order:

  1. Finish the Lightfall campaign
  2. Finish Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest
  3. Start the Stargazer quest

At this point, you should see that Terminal Overload keys begin to drop with relatively high frequency. They stack to a maximum of five, so be sure to run some Terminal Overload activities. This activity is quite high-end, requiring either a fireteam or a decently high Power level. The activity cycles between the different areas each day.

The Vex Incursion Zone on Neomuna showing Terminal Overload keys as a reward
Look for the Vex Incursion Zone and go do patrols and public events in that area.
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The best way to get more Terminal Overload keys is to group up with a fireteam, head to the Vex Incursion Zone (look for the neon diamond on the map), and complete patrols while doing public events.

How to use Terminal Overload keys

Just in case you’ve forgotten or it’s been a while, Terminal Overload keys are used to unlock the chest at the end of the Terminal Overload activity on Neomuna. This activity has three stages, each with several waves. The goal will typically be to clear enemies, destroy nodes, or hold positions.

Once the final boss has been defeated, a chest will spawn that can only be unlocked by using a Terminal Overload key. Use it to acquire more rewards and have a shot at getting weapon patterns.

Destiny 2: Lightfall introduces various new items for players to discover, with one of the most important being Terminal Overload keys. Remember that you can only hold five at a time. Stop by our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with everything the new expansion has to offer.

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