How to unlock The Witch Queen Seasonal Artifact - Destiny 2

Here's how you can get the Synaptic Spear Seasonal Artifact in Season of the Risen in Destiny 2.


With the launch of The Witch Queen and the Season of the Risen, Destiny 2 received a new Seasonal Artifact called the Synaptic Spear. This will allow players to unlock Armor Mods that they can equip to alter their builds and defeat enemies throughout the Season of the Risen. If you’re not sure how to unlock the Seasonal Artifact, I can help you with that.

How to unlock The Witch Queen Seasonal Artifact

destiny 2 witch queen seasonal artifact season of the risen

Players will need to complete the first mission of The Witch Queen campaign titled The Arrival as a pre-requisite to obtaining the Season of the Risen Synaptic Spear Artifact. Once this is done, return to the Enclave. This can be found by selecting Savathûn’s Throne World from the Director and selecting it from the far left. Once you land, visit with Ikora and she will give you the Synaptic Spear, which will then show up on your Character screen. From there, you can begin earning XP and unlocking Armor Mods.

destiny 2 synaptic spear seasonal artifact

It should also be noted that obtaining The Witch Queen Seasonal Artifact will also start the Season of the Risen campaign. This will be a multi-week campaign much like players are used to from previous seasons. It is related to The Witch Queen, but that campaign is separate.

Unlike previous seasons, the Synaptic Spear can be fully unlocked by players who are willing to grind for the XP required to do so. Previously, you could only unlock 12 Armor Mods on any given Seasonal Artifact, having to spend Glimmer to reset it if you wanted to switch things up. The Season of the Risen Artifact can still be reset, but if you manage to unlock all 25 Armor Mods, there will be no use in doing so.

Now that you know how to get The Witch Queen Seasonal Artifact and can start unlocking Armor Mods in the Synaptic Spear, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with defeating Savathûn.

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