All Lucent Moth locations - Destiny 2

Find all the Lucent Moths in the Throne World in Destiny 2 for the Lepidopterist Triumph.


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen features Lucent Moths for players to collect. Finding and unlocking all of them will reward the Triumph, Lepidopterist. If you’re starting at the launch of the DLC, you will need to come back each week to find the new moth locations.

Last updated: March 22, 2022.

Lucent Moth locations – Lepidopterist Triumph

There are several Lucent Moths to find in the Throne World in Destiny 2. At the start of The Witch Queen, these were unlocked on a weekly basis. If you’re finding these several weeks (or months) after the expansion releases, you should be able to go around collecting them all.

destiny 2 lucent moth locations
There are hints for the moths in the cave beside Fynch. This is also where you put the moths once you find them.

You can find hints of the Lucent Moths locations in the small cave beside Fynch. This is also where you place the moths after you find them.


destiny 2 lucent moth quagmire

The first Lucent Moth is near the Extraction Lost Sector in the Quagmire area. A Wizard will spawn that you must defeat to free the moth from its barrier.


destiny 2 lucent moth apothecary

This moth is deep in the Apothecary, to the left of the stairs that lead up into the main building. To reach this area, start at Fynch and go toward the Florescent Canal (but not into it), and stick to the right-hand side to find platforms you must jump over to go into the Alluring Curtain – this is also where you can farm Funnelweb.

USe the Deepsight on this platform and then shoot the runes. The runes are on and inside this bunker on the walls. Shoot all five to reveal the moth.

When you reach Alluring Curtain, use the Deepsight to the left to reveal platforms that lead up and over the tower and hanging plates. Follow the main path along until you reach the Apothecary region. Go around the curving walkway to the opposite side to the little bunker. Use the Deepsight to reveal five runes on the bunker that you must shoot to reveal the moth.

Alluring Curtain

destiny 2 lucent moth alluring curtain

Another Lucent Moth is in the Alluring Curtain location. This area is to the right of the Quagmire and is accessed via some platforms you must jump between. If you go into the Florescent Canal you’ve gone too far.

Defeat the Wizard in the Alluring Curtain and it will drop the moth.

In the Alluring Curtain, use the Deepsight to reveal platforms that lead over to another area along the right-hand side. Continue until you find a named Wizard. Defeat this Wizard and it will drop the moth.

Temple of the Cunning

This Lucent Moth is found deep underground in the Temple of the Cunning. This is accessed via the Quagmire, in the cave system to the left of the Extraction Lost Sector.

destiny 2 lucent moth temple of the cunning

Follow the cave system down, shooting the glowing spores on the walls as you go. You will reach an open room with Scorn in it and yellow portal up the back. Go through the portal to reach the Temple of the Wrathful.

The moth in the Temple of the Cunning is on the little pillar near the central platform.

In this new area, stick to the left-hand side and follow the path down. You will enter the Temple of the Cunning location where there will be a Hive chandelier hanging over a center platform. The moth is on a little pillar in front of it.


destiny 2 lucent moth miasma

A Lucent Moth can be found in Miasma, along the northern side of the area in a tree. Jump up the tree to reach the moth.

Temple of the Wrathful

destiny 2 lucent moth temple of the wrathful

This Lucent Moth is located in the Temple of the Wrathful, which is the area accessed via the cave system in Quagmire. Cross over the gully near Fynch and go down into the cave where the Hive blisters are on the wall that you can shoot to light the way. Enter the next big room with the Scorn and look for the portal on the right at the back of the room. Go through the portal and kill the Scorn captain on the right to remove the shield of the moth that's behind it.

Court of Thorns

destiny 2 lucent moth court of thorns
Load up the Wellspring and make your way to the actual Well and enter the side room to see the moth.

A Lucent Moth is found in the Court of Thorns, which is a room in the Wellspring. Load up the Wellspring and then, depending on whether it’s Attack or Defend, the room will be at the end or start. If it’s on Attack, fight through to the end and if it’s Defend, it’s right at the start. Go into the room with the statues, the moth is in the hand of the statue on the left.

Witch’s Echo

destiny 2 lucent moths witch's echo miasma
Find this building in the northwest of Miasma.

This Lucent Moth is located in Witch’s Echo, an area accessible via Miasma. Head up to Miasma and stick to the left-side of the area. Don’t go left toward Disciple’s Bog, instead, cut across to the crumbling building and go down into the cave.

The Deepsight will be on the right. The moth is on the left.

Follow the cave along, sticking to the left-hand side. Take the first path on your left and go down deeper until you reach the room with the hanging Hive canisters. Use the Deepsight on the right to find the moth on the left.

Altar of Reflection

destiny 2 lucent moth altar of reflection
The Deepsight is to the right of the door you enter from. Use it to reach a ledge above the door.

To find this Lucent Moth, head to the Altar of Reflection. You can do this by playing the story mission, The Mirror, or by completing the weekly Altar of Reflection activity. Both are found on the map of Savathun’s Throne World. The story mission can be launched at the bottom of the map under “Replayable Missions”

Once inside the Altar of Reflection, complete the symbol puzzle and enter the next large room where you fight a Wizard and a Light-wielding Hive. The moth is above the door you entered from. Use the Deepsight on the right side of the room to reach it.

Florescent Canal

destiny 2 lucent moth florescent canal
Look in the water fountain in the Florescent Canal to find the moth enjoying a float.

The Lucent Moth in the Florescent Canal is in the middle, on a little pad floating around the water feature.

Finding all of the Lucent Moths in Destiny 2 is going to take a bit of time, especially if you’re collecting them at the start of the season. However, finding them all will get you the Lepidopterist Triumph, which is needed for the Gumshoe Title. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for even more useful information on collectibles and weapons.

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