How to farm Funnelweb - Destiny 2

The Funnelweb is basically The Recluse 2.0 so you should definitely farm for one in Destiny 2.


The Funnelweb is giving Destiny 2 players flashbacks of The Recluse, and now we all want one. If you’ve got some time on your hands, and don’t mind a bit of farming, there is a great way to farm Funnelweb and hopefully luck upon a perfect roll. This strategy requires cross-save as well as another platform to play Destiny 2 on.

As of March 17, the following method of farming Funnelweb no longer works as Bungie has altered how Deepsight 3 chests behave. You will now just need to rely on luck to get a Funnelweb from a world drop or vendor reward. Check out our Funnelweb god roll guide so you know what perks you're looking for when you do get one.

How to farm Funnelweb

Funnelweb is a Veist Submachine Gun in Destiny 2 that looks and feels a lot like The Recluse, a Pinnacle weapon from back in the day. Both of these guns belong to the Veist family, both feature a high RPM, and while Funnelweb doesn’t have Master of Arms, it has other valuable perks. In terms of how to get Funnelweb, it is a world drop – meaning it can drop from just about any source.

destiny 2 funnelweb perks

To actually farm Funnelweb, there are a few things you must do. Firstly, you must have reached Throne World Rank 15 through Fynch so you can access Deepsight 3 spots around the map. These all hide chests, with some areas having a few chests quite close together. Secondly, you must have cross-save enabled. This allows you to play on an alternative platform that does not own the Witch Queen.

Once you have cross-save set up, load up the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 on your alternative platform (if you’re on Steam, play on Stadia). Doing this means you will not have access to any DLC loot but you can access DLC locations. What this does is restrict the possible loot you can get from Deepsight chests. You will not be able to get DLC loot and can only get world loot. This is great, as Funnelweb is in the world loot pool.

destiny 2 funnelweb farm
Head to the Alluring Curtain with your Sparrow once you hit Throne World Rank 15.

With all that said, here is where you can farm for Funnelweb. Load up the Throne World and head toward the Florescent Canal. Instead of going into the other area, stick the right and go towards the Alluring Curtain.

destiny 2 funnelweb farm sparrow platforms

To maximise your farming speed, you will need to jump your Sparrow across a series of platforms, taking it into the Alluring Canal. You don’t need to do this, but this allows you to move quickly between loading zones.

destiny 2 funnelweb alluring curtain chest farm
Use the Deepsight to reveal platforms, granting you access to the first chest. Jump around the corner to get the second chest. This is a tough jump to make.

When you’ve made it to the Alluring Canal, use the Deepsight along the ledge on the right to reveal platforms. Climb them, to the top, open the chest and then jump around the corner where the hanging lantern is to find another chest. Reaching this requires either a Sword with Eager Edge, Warlock’s Heat Rises ability, or some other jump-extending move. Take a look at the video below for more details.

After collecting both of the chests, use your Sparrow to quickly go back along the hallway until you hit the Quagmire loading zone. Hit the load zone, turn around, and go back to the Alluring Canal and repeat until you’ve got the Funnelweb you want. This farming route is already a great way to level up Fynch.

This is really the best way to farm for Funnelweb in Destiny 2. You can obviously luck out and get one to drop from literally any world drop, but these chests have guaranteed Legendary gear. Remember that you must do this on an alternative platform to limit your drops to non-DLC gear. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more weapon farming tips, recommendations, and schedule information.

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