How to Earn More Renown in Destiny 2

Earn more Renown quickly and maximize token rewards while playing Destiny 2.


With the latest faction rally in full swing, Bungie has changed up the way that players earn tokens to give to the various faction representatives. A new mechanic called Renown has been introduced, and the first experience with this can be confusing. Below are details on how Renown works and how players can make sure they are maximizing their returns and earning the most tokens possible.

How Does Renown Work?

Renown is represented by a bar in the bottom left corner of the screen. This bar is made up of five dots. When the bar is full the amount of Renown a Guardian has is maxed out, and the rewards they receive from the chest at the end of a lost sector are increased. However, if a player dies they will lose a single point of Renown. The goal is to get five Renown and then complete a lost sector, all without dying. This will reward the Guardian with 10 faction tokens (more if they are completing a milestone) that can be turned in for faction rewards and faction reputation.

Tip: Fast traveling removes all Renown. Use a sparrow to move quickly from point to point, but do not fast travel unless losing all Renown is not a concern.

How to Earn More Renown

Certain events will provide a set amount of Renown for completion. Below is a list of known activities and the amount of Renown awarded. Remember that dying during an event that rewards one point of Renown means no gains since Guardians lose a point on death and gain a point for finishing the activity.

  • Patrol Activity - 1 Renown
  • Eliminating a World Boss - 1 Renown
  • Heroic Public Event - 3 Renown

The best way to maximize your return for Renown is to wear a complete set of faction armor. This will grant you +1 Renown for every activity completed. This means that a single patrol and a heroic public event would max a Guardian out with Renown, at which point they can complete a lost sector for the 10 tokens. This method would give six Renown, so there is room for a sneaky death in there if things get ugly. Just remember that overcharging Renown isn’t possible.

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It’s also advised that Guardians keep an eye on their milestones and challenges, since there are often a few related to tokens. Completing daily challenges or milestones can help earn tokens quickly and relieve some of the stress from the grind.

Now that Guardians know how to earn more Renown and earn tokens quickly, visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help with everything Bungie’s world has to offer.

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