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Heart of Inmost Light is the hottest choice for ability-focused Titans in Destiny 2.


Heart of Inmost Light has emerged as one of the strongest, ability-focused Titan Exotics since the launch of the revamped Light subclasses and most notably Arc 3.0. Holding the key to enhancing all of your Titan abilities across the three subclasses, Heart of Inmost Light has been lifted onto the top-shelf for PVE endgame activities.

An Exotic which has easily seen the most benefits from the subclass 3.0 rollout, Heart of Inmost Light can utilize the potential of each subclass to game-changing effect. Due to Heart of Inmost Light empowering all three abilities, the Fragments system can be used to make the perfect grenade or melee build to suit any Titan’s preferred playstyle. Added bonus of the stronger Rally Barricade in a Resilience stat meta is the icing on the cake for Titan players.

Heart of Inmost Light Exotic Perk: Overflowing Light

Helm of Inmost Light showing its perk

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Overflowing Light is the Exotic perk of Heart of Inmost Light. Working across all three Titan subclasses, this powerful perk gets the very best and more out of a Titan’s abilities.

  • Overflowing Light - Using an ability (grenade, melee, or Barricade) empowers the other two abilities. Empowered means abilities have faster regen, melees and grenades do more damage, and Barricades have more hit points.

The cooldown increase is 2x faster when Empowered and the damage increase of melees and grenades is a strong 30 percent buff. This is on top of the stat cooldown based on how high your Discipline and Strength are, making your abilities return even faster. This applies the same to the Titan Rally Barricade and Resilience stat.

The Increase in power and doubling the cooldown rate makes this Exotic a must-have for any Titan. Especially those interested in tackling endgame content.

When to use Heart of Inmost Light

Heart of Inmost Light can be used effectively across any PVE activity and has a place in PVP for an ability-focused Titan. It can be used in lighter PVE content to really push the power fantasy of Destiny 2 with the right build or be the game-changer you need in endgame content. Endgame content with an accompanying armor mod build is where Heart of Inmost Light shines brightest, including builds using Elemental Well armor mods.

Solar and Arc subclasses are the standouts when using Heart of Inmost Light, especially for endgame content. For Solar, this feeds into using the Titan Throwing Hammer to deal massive damage to targets paired with effective grenade usage. Arc is all about building into Storm grenades and Ionic Traces. Void does have its place but doesn’t produce the same power output for endgame content. Void can be used effectively when paired with making targets Volatile in the midgame and is still very useful when using the Titan Super, Ward of Dawn.

There are notable weapons and perks to look out for that can help enhance the overall Titan build. Solar weapons with the perk Incandescent adds to the Scorch and Ignite functions of the subclass. Voltshot on Arc weaponry is top-tier for add-clearing which is a huge bonus for Elemental Well and Ionic Trace setups.

The Season of Plunder Exotic, Delicate Tomb, can create Ionic Traces when defeating opponents enhancing Arc builds that take advantage of them being used in the Fragments system.

For a Solar Titan setup, the Super to use is Hammer of Sol. Aspects to use are Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus. Fragments include Ember of Blistering, Ember of Torches, Ember of Eruption, and Ember of Ashes. Solar Titans should ensure that the Resilience stat is at 100 as this provides 40 percent damage reduction and is essential for endgame content.

For Arc, the Super of choice is Thundercrash. Aspects to use include Knockout and Touch of Thunder. Fragments Spark of Shock, Spark of Magnitude, Spark of Resistance, and Spark of Ions. Same as the Solar Titan, the Resilience stat should be the first consideration but with Arc you do have more room to maneuver as the majority of its power comes from the Storm grenades.

The Stormrider Arc Titan build is designed to get the most out of Heart of Inmost Light paired with the Arc subclass. Utilizing the power increase as well as lowering cooldowns, it is a powerful setup to use in any Destiny 2 content. Storm grenades have emerged as one of the best abilities for light subclasses so I highly recommend this build for the current endgame meta.

How to get Heart of Inmost Light

The main source to get this Exotic is by farming Legend or Master Lost Sectors when the daily rotation is for a chest piece. To find out what day it is available, check out Shacknews Lost Sector rotation guide.

It can also be found as a random engram drop from defeating enemies, completing Powerful or Pinnacle challenges, or sold by the Agent of the Nine, Xur.

Heart of Inmost Light Lore

He was a man.

He'd been another man. Another man before that. And another man before that. And another. Another. And yet another. How many lives now? How many deaths? He came to believe that each time his Ghost brought him back, he came back a new man. But he was a new man who carried with him the burden of all the lives before him. One after another after another, and each and every one of them weighed upon his shoulders in a way only Atlas could comprehend.

But he was a Titan.

Muscle and might and metal—a mountain of it, they said. There was no burden he could not bear. That's what they said. He nodded and waved away the adulations. He went to his quarters each night, in the half tower he had commissioned, and he laid in bed, his feet incapable of stillness as a thousand million insects scurried their way up and down the sinews of his muscles, instigating perpetual and maddening motions that all his muscle and might couldn't stop. An insurmountable restlessness that prevented what little respite he could find in his nightmare-fueled sleep.

Yet he was a champion. A leader. The bright shining example of all that was good and enduring.

There was a City to build. A species to protect. Extinction to prevent. Invaders to repel. Wars to fight. Lives to live. Deaths to die. What was it he said once to one of the newly risen? The Light shines brightest in those it consumes? Oh, how he felt consumed.

He stood up from his bed. Crossed to the window that framed the entity that had cursed him. Though it chose not to speak to him, he knew what it wanted. And the only way to end its curse was to give it what it wanted—to destroy that which would see it destroyed.

Maybe then he could sleep.

Heart of Inmost Light has emerged as a top contender for best Titan Exotic following the release of Light 3.0. As build crafting has evolved, this Exotic does everything a Titan could want to enhance and push the limits of abilities to their optimal power. For more Exotic armor breakdowns and guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide.

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