Cartesian Coordinate god roll - Destiny 2

The Cartesian Coordinate was once a must-have Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, and this god roll will bring it back to the top.


The Cartesian Coordinate is a Fusion Rifle that originally launched back in Season of the Chosen. While it popped off thanks to the Particle Deconstruction perk in the Season of the Lost Artifact, a god roll Cartesian Coordinate can still dominate in endgame PvE and some instance of PvP. Here are our picks for the rolls you want.

How to get Cartesian Coordinate

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to rely on luck to get Cartesian Coordinate. This Fusion Rifle can be sold by Xur and Banshee-44, so you’ll need to check in with them weekly and daily, respectively. It doesn’t appear as though the gun is in the world pool for drops. If you need a Solar Fusion Rifle you can actually get now, consider chasing The Eremite, Riptide, Deliverance, or Royal Executioner.

PvE - Cartesian Coordinate god roll

A god roll Cartesian Coordinate will lean heavily into its ability to deal massive damage to bosses and other large foes.

Cartesian Coordinate god roll - PVE
Sight Hitmark IS (+2 Range, +15 Handling)
Battery Liquid Coils (Increases impact damage, slower charge time)
Perk 1 Lead From Gold (Picking up Heavy ammo also grants ammo to this weapon)
Perk 2 Vorpal Weapon (Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active)
Masterwork Charge Time
Mod Boss Spec

For the Scope and Battery, Hitmark IS slightly boosts the range stat but gives a nice bump to handling. This is important as you want to be able to quickly aim and fire it when dealing DPS. Liquid Coils is where you’ll get a bit more damage, albeit at the cost of charge time.

Cartesian Coordinate god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

The first perk you want is Lead From Gold, as any Heavy ammo you pick will give this some Special ammo. This is extremely potent if you’ve got someone using Cenotaph Mask or Aeons. Then there’s obviously Vorpal Weapon for the pure damage against bosses. You could swap this out for Swashbuckler, but that is a short damage boost and only occurs if you can get kills beforehand.

Round this Cartesian Coordinate god roll off with a Charge Time Masterwork and Boss Spec. Now you’ll be ready in the event Fusion Rifles are the new meta for boss DPS.

PvP - Cartesian Coordinate god roll

Due to its slow charge time, Cartesian Coordinate isn’t usually a go-to option when it comes to PvP. However, there are ways to fix that charge time, even if it means sacrificing just a little bit of that raw power.

Cartesian Coordinate god roll - PVP
Barrel Hitmark IS (+2 Range, +15 Handling)
Battery Accelerated Coils (Faster charge time, decreases impact damage)
Perk 1 Under Pressure (Improved stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower)
Perk 2 Backup Plan (Grants reduced charge time and increased handling speed for a short time immediately after swapping to this weapon)
Masterwork Charge Time
Mod Quick Access Sling

As mentioned above, this god roll focuses on improving the charge time. The Battery should be Accelerated Coils and the Masterwork ought to be Charge Time. These both help speed it up.

Cartesian Coordinate god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

For the Scope, Hitmark IS improves the handling, ensuring you can whip it out and aim it faster. Quick Access Sling helps here too, though, you can switch the mod out if you feel it’s unneeded.

When it comes to the two perks, Under Pressure is great in PvP. You’re almost always going to have a near-empty magazine, which means this will always be in effect. Backup Plan, on the other hand, will further improve the charge time when you swap to it. So don’t run around with it out.

A Cartesian Coordinate god roll is going to be a monster in PvE and perhaps a viable choice in PvP, provided it’s in the right hands. The only trouble will be actually acquiring the thing! For more god roll recommendations, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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