All Penguin Souvenir locations on Europa - Destiny 2

Learn where to find the Penguin Souvenirs hidden around Europa in Destiny 2 for the Triumph, Reuniting the Eventide Rookery.


Penguin Souvenirs are another collectible players can find on Europa in Destiny 2. These little robotic-looking penguin statues are dotted all around, with some being defended by powerful enemies. Finding all the penguins is needed for one of the Beyond Light Triumphs (Reuniting the Eventide Rookery) so let’s get to tracking down all the Penguin Souvenir locations!

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Penguin Souvenir locations – Europa

Penguin Souvenirs can be found all over the vast area of Europa. There are a total of nine to collect and it seems they are unlocked over time. Unlike the Dreaming City cats or the Jade Rabbits on the Moon, you do not need to feed the penguins anything. Simply walk up to the penguin and collect it (you may need to do some killing beforehand, though). Collecting them all is required for the Beyond Light Triumph, Reuniting the Eventide Rookery.

For those avid collectors out there, make sure you also spend the time finding the Entropic Shards and destroying them with Salvation's Grip. This is another one of the season's Triumphs.

Penguin Souvenir 1 – Cadmus Ridge

destiny 2 penguin souvenirs cadmus ridge

The first Penguin Souvenir can be found in a cave in Cadmus Ridge. Look at the southern side of the map of Cadmus Ridge to spot a Regional Chest marker. This chest is in the same cave as the penguin. Be aware, there is a Wyvern in the cave protecting the penguin. You must clear the cave before you can collect it.

Penguin Souvenir 2 – Well of Infinitude

destiny 2 penguin 2 well of infinitude
destiny 2 penguin 2 well of infinitude map

The second Penguin Souvenir is in the Well of Infinitude. This is the area on the right-hand side of Europa, accessed via Asterion Abyss. To reach the Well of Infinitude, make your way to Asterion Abyss and then toward the Nexus (this is where the Glassway Strike takes place). As you enter the Nexus, take the right-hand path and follow it toward the Well (the left side of the fork leads to the Glassway).

Walk through the hallways until you reach the long chute that angles down toward the next area. Instead of following it down, look to the left of the entrance to find a little alcove, the penguin is behind a barrier. Hold the interact button to lower the barrier and then claim the souvenir.

Penguin Souvenir 3 – Eventide Ruins

destiny 2 penguin eventide ruins

The third Penguin Souvenir is located in Eventide Ruins, by the stairs leading up to the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. The penguin is frozen in a block of ice, to get it out you’ll need to use a Scorch cannon.

destiny 2 penguin frozen scorch cannon
Ferkis is hanging around the gravity lift that goes up to Riis-Reborn. Defeat it, take the Scorch cannon, and go thaw out the penguin.

Luckily, there’s a new enemy called Ferkis, Salvation’s Squall right beside the gravity lift that leads to Riis-Reborn. Defeat it, grab the Scorch cannon, and then go and shoot the ice to melt it.

Penguin Souvenir 4 – Bray Exoscience

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 4 bray exoscience

The fourth Penguin Souvenir is in Bray Exoscience, the structure to the left of Cadmus Ridge on Europa. The penguin can be found along the primary path toward Eternity. As you enter the main room in Bray Exoscience (the blindingly white room), run across it and go through the door on the left. The room you’re looking for is after the long hallway with the little floating drones, there will be a scanning device hanging from the ceiling above a conveyor belt – the penguin is to the right. Defeat the enemies that spawn to remove its shielding.

Penguin Souvenir 5 – Asterion Abyss

destiny 2 penguin 5 asterion abyss
destiny 2 penguin souvenir 5 asterion abyss

This next Penguin Souvenir is located in Asterion Abyss, close to the tunnel that leads to Eventide Ruins. On the left side of the path are natural stairs inside a Vex structure that lead up to a cliff. The cliff has two yellow health bar Vex Goblins on it. Defeat the Goblins and then grab the Penguin that's enjoying the view. 

Penguin Souvenir 6 – Riis-Reborn Approach

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 6
Go up the gravity on the left and follow the path along.

Penguin Souvenir number six is located in the Riis-Reborn Approach, the area to the far north of Europa, accessed via the back of Eventide Ruins. To reach this location, go to the far north area of Eventide Ruins to where the gravity lifts are found. Go up the elevator and follow the main path along.

Defeat the Fallen Marauder, it will drop your penguin.

Fight past all the enemies, out over the snowy bridges, and eventually back inside. You will enter a small room (where you had to run from a powerful Fallen during the campaign) full of Fallen. This room will also have a special yellow health bar enemy called a Fallen Marauder. Defeat this enemy and it will drop your Penguin Souvenir.

Penguin Souvenir 7 – Nexus

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 7

The seventh Penguin Souvenir is located in the Nexus, the area to the right of Asterion Abyss. Go through the tunnels until you reach the fork in the road that splits to Glassway and Well of Infinitude. You must find and destroy four Oracles that appear in sequence to get the penguin to appear.

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 7 oracle 1

The first Oracle is above the left side of the Vex structure, above the path to the Glassway.

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 7 oracle 2

The second Oracle is over the edge on the right, toward the Well of Infinitude.

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 7 oracle 3

The third Oracle is above the Vex structure again, this time to the right.

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 7 oracle 4

The fourth Oracle is behind part of the structure on the right. The penguin will spawn where the fourth Oracle was destroyed.

Penguin Souvenir 8 – Kell’s Rising

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 8 kells rising

This Penguin Souvenir is located in Kell’s Rising, an area beyond Riis-Reborn Approach in the north of Eventide Ruins. Reaching this area takes a bit of work, so use the video below if you’re struggling to remember how to get there. You will need to defeat a special Fallen to make the penguin spawn.

When you do reach Kell’s Rising, follow the main path along and into main structure. You will eventually go through a hallway bathed in red light with a few Vex before stepping out into an open area with Fallen and Vex fighting. Stick to the right-hand side to find a Fallen Captain called Drake, Stasis Sniper. Defeat the Captain and the penguin will spawn near him, likely behind the crates.

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 8 kells rising drake stasis sniper
Defeat Drake, Stasis Sniper, to make the penguin spawn. Mine spawned behind the crates in the corner.

Penguin Souvenir 9 – Eternity

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 9 eternity
destiny 2 penguin souvenir 9 eternity map

The final Penguin Souvenir (number nine) is located in Eternity, an area to the left of Cadmus Ridge on Europa. To get it, you must defeat a Fallen called Drake, Charge Courier and deposit the System Charge it drops into a generator.

Head to Cadmus Ridge and then through Bray Exoscience. As you reach the bright room, cross to the opposite side and follow the path in the back. Continue along the path to eventually reach Eternity. Drake, Charge Courier is in a small adjoining hallway to a large main room that has catwalks.

destiny 2 penguin souvenir 9 eternity drake charge courier

Defeat Drake and grab the System Charge. Follow the main path along deeper into Eternity to find a thin hallway with platforms you must jump along to in order to progress. The generator that you must deposit the System Charge into is on one of these platforms. Deposit the charge and grab the ninth Penguin Souvenir that appears beside it.

What to do with Penguin Souvenirs

destiny 2 what to do with penguin souvenir variks room
Instead of going through the door to Variks (left) go through the shut door on the right to find a little storage room. This is where the Penguin Souvenirs go.

Now that you’ve collected a Penguin Souvenir, you’ll be looking what to do with it. Much like the Jade Rabbits on the Moon, you must place these penguins back in their homes. This spot is actually located in the room opposite Variks. Enter the room and look for the marker that shows you where to place the penguin. Playing the penguin will unlock a lore entry and help you work through the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph.

Finding all the Penguin Souvenirs locations in Destiny 2 is going to take a bit of work. Make sure you’re checking back each week over the course of the season as more penguins are discovered. There’s still plenty to do this season and you can find comprehensive coverage of it over in the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide.

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