All Jade Rabbit locations on the Moon in Destiny 2

Learn where to find the Jade Rabbit statues hidden around the Moon in Destiny 2.


There are several Jade Rabbit statues hidden around the Moon in Destiny 2. These little, evil, demonic-looking bunnies reward players with valuable resources, if you’ve got the right stuff. Finding all of them, and offering a tasty treat, will no doubt result in earning an emblem. So let’s get to finding all the Jade Rabbit statues!

Jade Rabbit locations – Moon

Jade Rabbits can be found all over the Moon in Destiny 2. There are about 10 to find, and they’re often tucked away in hard-to-reach places. You will need to have a small rice cake in your inventory to be able to interact with one. Without a tasty treat, the rabbit will simply say, “You lack something.” While it is currently unknown what the reward is for interacting with all the Jade Rabbits, chances are it's another emblem. If this isn't the case, we'll be sure to update this guide once the reward is discovered.

Jade Rabbit 1 – Sanctuary

The first Jade Rabbit can be found directly below the spawning platform at Sanctuary. Use the ramp to gain access to the building and search the back to find a Jade Rabbit emblem on the wall with the bunny on the ground. This one doesn't seem to be active and is likely the final Jade Rabbit you need to interact with.

Jade Rabbit 2 – Archer’s Line

The second Jade Rabbit can be found at Archer’s Line in the dome building. Go inside the building and search the side room, the bunny is at the back behind some terminals.

Jade Rabbit 3 – K1 Logistics

Fight through the K1 Logistics Lost Sector on the Moon and when you reach the loot chest at the end, search the building behind it. The Jade Rabbit is sitting on a pedestal with a cat.

Jade Rabbit 4 – Anchor of Light

Another Jade Rabbit is found in the Anchor of Light, on the left-hand side of the area. Find the large building with the antennae and radio tower at the top and use the surrounding structure to climb it. At the top is the bunny near a computer terminal.

Jade Rabbit 5 – Hellmouth

This Jade Rabbit is found near the Hellmouth. Find the large platform overlooking the Hellmouth, and then head up the hill, following the fissure in the ground. You’ll find the bunny on a chair near a purple tarp.

Jade Rabbit 6 – Sorrow’s Harbor

To find this Jade Rabbit, head to the main bridge in Sorrow’s Harbor. When looking at the Scarlet Keep, head up the stairs and turn left to spy some Hive boxes leaning up against a fortification. The rabbit is tucked between the boxes.

Jade Rabbit 7 – K1 Revelation

This Jade Rabbit can only be unlocked after completing the Shadowkeep campaign and starting the Memory of Sai Mota quest, as it allows you to unlock a room in the back of the Lost Sector.

Jade Rabbit 8 – Circle of Bones

The Jade Rabbit in the Circle of Bones is quite difficult to find. It is located below one of the platforms that runs along the perimeter of the area. Stand on the platform looking out through the center arena toward the Hellmouth. Drop down to the ground and turn hard right. Run under the balcony to find the rabbit tucked in the corner behind a box.

Jade Rabbit 9 – Chamber of Night

This Jade Rabbit is hidden way below the Hellmouth in the Chamber of Night. Make sure you know how to get to the Chamber of Night, else you’re likely to get lost. The bunny is on top of a big rock just past the pitch black corridor.

Jade Rabbit 10 – Shrine of Oryx

Another Jade Rabbit is found in the Shrine of Oryx. Much like some previous bunnies, this rabbit is deep below the Hellmouth. Make your way to the Shrine of Oryx and as you pass through the circular tunnel, go left toward the edge, the rabbit is overlooking the deep chasm.

After finding all the Jade Rabbits on the Moon in Destiny 2, you will likely receive an emblem, though the exact reward is yet to be confirmed. You receive an emblem for feeding all the Dreaming City cats, so it only makes sense you'll get one for doing the same thing to the rabbits. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more Shadowkeep content.

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