How to get to the Chamber of Night in Destiny 2

Learn where to find the Chamber of Night so you can collect the Horned Wreath in Destiny 2.


As players return to the Moon in Destiny 2, there’s one location that calls out to them: Chamber of Night. Finding the Chamber of Night might be easy for veteran players – or perhaps not depending how long it’s been. Thankfully, getting to this underground location is relatively simple, if you stick to the right path.

How to get to Chamber of Night

destiny 2 chamber of night
The room before the Chamber of Night is the Omnigul room, which is part of the World's Grave.

As part of the Essence of Vanity quest, you will need to find the Chamber of Night to collect a Horned Wreath. This is a challenge for even veteran players, as it’s a long time since we’ve been to the Moon.

The Chamber of Night is found deep within the Hellmouth. You can get their using either the Sorrow’s Harbor or Sanctuary fast travel point, but Sanctuary is faster. Regardless of where you start, your main goal will be to reach the World’s Grave as the Chamber of Night is connected to this area.

Chamber of Light - Starting at Sanctuary

Start near Eris Morn and follow the path around to Anchor of Light. Ignore the path that leads to the Fallen Ketch, you’re after the next right-hand turn that takes you to the Temple of Crota.

Enter the temple and fight your way down the path. There’s only one track at this point so you shouldn’t get too lost. When you enter the large room with the Hive drop pod, turn right, go through the door, and follow the path along the edge of the cliff – this wraps back around to the left.

As you follow the path, you will reach The World’s Grave loading zone. Continue along the path to the right, fighting or running past the enemies. Climb the stairs at the back of the room and take the door. You’ll enter a large circular room where you fought the Nightmare of Omnigul as part of the Shadowkeep campaign – cut straight across the room.

You’ll enter an extremely dark corridor, dark enough for Ghost to activate his torch. Follow the corridor along and you’ll enter the Chamber of Night. Push through the darkness until you reach an open cavern with a big ribcage in the back. In the cave below it is the weapon part you’re chasing.

Now that you know how to get to the Chamber of Night in Destiny 2, you can get on with completing the Essence of Vanity. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more helpful walkthroughs and information on the latest mechanics.

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