What does "you lack something" mean in Destiny 2?

Learn what to do with the rabbits on the Moon and the cats in the Dreaming City that say "you lack something".


Stumbling across a cat or a rabbit is a strange occurrence in Destiny 2, and discovering one in the Dreaming City  or on the Moon that says “you lack something” is even stranger. Figuring out what you lack, and how to get that which you lack, isn’t clear for those just entering the Awoken’s mysterious city or those landing on the Moon.

What does “You lack something” mean?

Knowing what to do about the message “you lack something” is tricky, as there are no hints or clues as to what the animals in the Dreaming City or on the Moon actually want. In order to solve the puzzle of “you lack something” players must give the cat a small gift or give the rabbits a small rice cake. These small gifts are described as smelling “faintly of mint” and take on the appearance of a purple substance in a small dish.

Where to find a small gift

Small gifts or the rice cakes are awarded upon opening patrol chests and completing Public Events in the Dreaming City and the Moon, respectively. However, receiving a small gift is an entirely random event that players have no control over. The only way to get your hands on a small gift is to continue doing Public Events and opening chests until one drops, at which point players should find one of the cats hidden around the map, of which there are currently eight. For those exploring the Moon, you will need to find the Jade Rabbit statues.

With the small gift in the inventory, approach one of the cats to see a different message, “present a gift”. Presenting the cat with the small gift causes the cat to disappear permanently while also rewarding a Legendary item – a weapon or gun unique to the Dreaming City. This is an excellent way to get a full set of the Reverie armor, which can have its negative mod “removed” by completing one of the Purification Rituals. This is much the same for the Jade Rabbits. Approach a rabbit when you have the small rice cake and you can hand it over in exchange for a reward.

After solving the “you lack something” problem and giving the cat (or rabbit) a small gift, the only thing left to do is get more small gifts and give them to the other cats around the Dreaming City (or Jade Rabbits on the Moon). While doing this, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for other walkthroughs, collectible guides, and armor breakdowns.

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