Well of Flame Imperial Treasure location in Destiny 2

Track down the Imperial Treasure chest that is hidden in the Well of Flame in Destiny 2.


The Well of Flame Imperial Treasure chest is another opportunity for players to get some powerful gear. This particular cache of goods is housed on Nessus, in the western side of the map. For those familiar with the area, tracking it down shouldn’t be a problem, though it might cause some players a moment of confusion.

Destiny 2 | Well of Flame Imperial Treasure location

To locate the Well of Flame Imperial Treasure chest, load in to Nessus using the Cistern’s fast travel point. This point will drop you right by the Well of Flame. Jump on your sparrow and jet around to the left. You will want to cross the radiolarian Vex lake toward the giant tower.

Well of Flame Imperial Treasure Destiny 2
Use the Cistern fast travel point and then head left to the giant tower in the distance. Enter it and drop down the center to find the chest.

Climb the outside of the tower and enter through the triangular door. Drop down through the center to reach the Well of Flame. Once inside the Well of Flame, you will note a large Vex portal at one end – do not go through it. Turn around and look behind the rock to find the Imperial Treasure chest.

Opening the chest will reward you with a Triumph if this is the first time you’re looting it, a powerful piece of gear, and some Imperials. If you already have the Chalice of Opulence fully Masterworked, you will not receive any Imperials.

Opening these chests is a great way to earn more Menagerie Triumphs, which is key to leveling up the Chalice. When the Chalice is Masterworked, it may seem pointless doing this bounties, but keep in mind that this powerful gear is a great source of Legendary shards, Enhancement Cores, and potentially Exotics.

With the Imperial Treasure chest in the Well of Flame opened, you can continue finding the other chests from Emperor Calus. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for a complete list of all the chest locations, so you don’t need to struggle each week!

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