How to Get the IKELOS HC V1.0.1 in Destiny 2

The IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 legendary hand cannon is only a few missions away.


One of my favorite things about DLC in Destiny 2 is discovering new weapons and figuring out if they can make it into my regular rotation. No matter how bad a weapon turns out to be, firing it and studying its stats for the first time never gets old. With the Warmind DLC a batch of new weapons have debuted, one of which is the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 legendary hand cannon.

IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 Legendary Hand Cannon

This legendary hand cannon is obtained on Mars. Once the main Warmind story missions are complete, a visit to Ana Bray will unlock a world quest. The icons for these quests look like blue banners with a crown on them, and they are generally marked on the map when one is available. To get the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 players must complete two missions from the overall Data Recovery quest line.

  • Legacy Code
  • A Piece of the Past

Each of the two missions will take 10-15 minutes to finish, and I did them solo so perhaps a lot faster for seasoned fireteams. The IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 will drop at the end of the second mission, however it looks like the Data Recovery world quest will continue and lead to further rewards. I’ve yet to complete that but will provide a full guide on what it offers at the end.

Once the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 is in hand, it’s time to see if it’s any good. Because this hand cannon is an energy weapon, I opted to compare it to the Annual Skate. Unfortunately, the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 does not stack up very well. Its stats are worse than the Annual Skate in every possible way besides range, and even then, it only wins out by a sliver. However, this could be offset by increasing either the stability, magazine, reload, or handling by turning it into a Masterworks weapon. The other saving detail could be the trait for the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1, which temporarily grants increased damage (up to 3x) when a kill is earned. Long story short, it has a very cool trait that some might find appealing, but in terms of stats the Annual Skate is better in almost every way.

With the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 in hand, head back out there, but first visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for everything a Guardian needs on their journey.

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