Ascendant Hunter and Coup de Grace quest - Destiny 2

The Ascendant Hunter quest in Destiny 2 has players completing a rather compelling mission called Coup de Grace.


As the Season of the Hunt continues, players are tasked to complete various quests, the latest of which is the Ascendant Hunter. This questline has players working together with Crow to track and defeat the High Celebrant through a mission called Coup de Grace. This is a short quest with a few difficulty spikes. Let’s go!

Ascendant Hunter quest – Coup de Grace

destiny 2 ascendant hunter
destiny 2 ascendant hunter

The Ascendant Hunter quest kicks off as soon as you visit Crow in the Tangled Shore and speak with him. This quest requires that you have a reputation rank of 7 with Crow. If you aren’t quite there yet, you will need to farm up some more Recon Data, which shouldn’t take long.

Step 1: Obtain Seeker II upgrade

destiny 2 ascendant hunter seeker 2 upgrade
Purchase the Improved Seeker II Lure upgrade from Crow.

Once you have the Ascendant Hunter quest in your inventory, you will need to purchase the Seeker II upgrade for your Lure from Crow. This allows you to track the High Celebrant.

Step 2: Speak with Spider

After purchasing the Lure upgrade, you will now need to talk to Spider to get the coordinates of the High Celebrant.

Step 3: Configure the Lure

destiny 2 ascendant hunter configure the lure
Slot the Prey Mod: High Celebrant mod into the first slot of the Lure and put whatever ones in the next two.

Next up is configuring the Lure and completing the quest, Coup de Grace. To configure the Lure, open it and, in the first mod slot, select Prey Mod: High Celebrant. Put whatever mods you want in the two remaining slots.

destiny 2 coup de grace

Open the Director and navigate to the Dreaming City. On the right-hand side near Rheasilvia will be a new banner, this is the Coup de Grace mission. It has a recommended Power of 1250 and contains Barrier Champions, so come prepared for a fight. Something like The Lament will do you well.

Attack and follow the High Celebrant as it flees. You will need to destroy the orbs it leaves behind and jump through the portals that are created. Fight through the Ascendant Plane and then back to the Dreaming City. This will happen a few times as you pursue the Celebrant.

destiny 2 coup de grace hive wrathborn ogre

You’ll eventually reach the end of Harbinger’s Seclude where a fight against a large Ogre will take place. Defeat the Ogre and place the Lure to reveal a hidden path of floating platforms (the same one that leads to the Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City). Find this hidden path by following the green scent. Jump through the Hive portal and work your way to the arena.

destiny 2 ascendant hunter coup de grace high celebrant of xivu arath

The fight against the High Celebrant remains the same: defeat the enemies with the green glowing effect and stand in the pool they leave to get a damage boost. With the buff active, deal as much damage to the Celebrant as possible. With Crow’s help you will defeat the High Celebrant with ease.

Step 4: Return to Spider

Quickly speak with Spider to complete the Ascendant Hunter quest. You can also pop around the back and pay Crow a visit to see what he has to say about things.

The Ascendant Hunter quest, and its Coup de Grace mission, is short and sweet. It’s certainly a pleasure to see the player Guardian getting along with Crow. Perhaps he’ll one day pay a visit to the Tower? For more walkthroughs of the latest content as well as helpful collectible guides, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide.

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