Dual Destiny & Exotic class item guide - Destiny 2

How to unlock the Dual Destiny Exotic mission and farm the new Exotic class item in Destiny 2.


Exotic class items are now available in Destiny 2 for players to farm. Unlocking your first Class item (a cloak, mark, or bond) requires you to complete the Dual Destiny Exotic mission, which must first be unlocked by completing a few Overthrow activities. Once you get your first armor drop, you can start farming it for the perk roll.

Below is how to summon the Exotic mission, where to find the hidden Secret-Keeper Wizards, and how to complete Dual Destiny including solutions for the puzzles. Keep in mind, Dual Destiny is for two players, no more and no less, and both players must have access to the Dual Destiny mission.

How to get Exotic class items

The Dual Destiny mission launch on the map
Once you unlock access to the mission, you can launch Dual Destiny from the map at any time.
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The Exotic class item can be earned by completing the Dual Destiny Exotic quest on the Pale Heart in Destiny 2. Once you acquire your first Exotic class item from the Exotic mission, you can farm the mission or there is a rare chance one will drop from any chest in the Pale Heart. The first step is unlocking the Dual Destiny Exotic mission.

How to unlock Dual Destiny Exotic mission

To unlock the Dual Destiny Exotic mission, you must defeat the boss from a fully complete Overthrow activity in all three areas in the Pale Heart and then defeat a Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen Lightbearer Wizard that is hidden in the area.

Secret-Keeper locations

A secret-keeper of the witch queen

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This Wizard is called a Secret-Keeper and you’ll need to defeat three of them, one in each Overthrow location after the Overthrow boss is defeated. Here is where I found them:

  • The Landing: In the cave near the Lost Sector
  • The Blooming: Behind the fast travel point, in the labyrinth
  • The Impasse: Near the Lost Sector symbol
A green beam in the sky on the Pale Heart
Go to the green beam to find Savathun's statue and the place where you dunk a Light and Dark charge.
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When all three Secret-Keeper Lightbearers are defeated, a green beam will appear in the sky. This will lead you to a small cave between the Blooming and the Landing.

Once inside the cave, approach the statue of Savathun and a few things will happen: Savathun will cacle, you will see on-screen text that says “A strange energy washes over you…”, you’ll get a 7 minute buff called Savathun’s Envoy, and two nodes will appear on your HUD (two halves of an icon).

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Go to the HUD marker and defeat enemies until a Subjugator spawns. One node summons Expector Selin that drops a Refracted Light charge when defeated. Take this back to the cave and deposit it on the plate. Go to the other marker and defeat enemies until Expector Yemiq appears. Defeat them and they will drop a Sublimated Darkness charge. Take it back to the cave and deposit it on the other plate.

When both Light and Dark charges are deposited, a banner will appear in the cave that can launch Dual Destiny. Once this banner appears, you can also launch the activity from the map at any time.

Dual Destiny guide

The main goal of the Dual Destiny Exotic mission is to work together with your partner to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. One player will be responsible for the Light Aligned buff while the other will receive the Dark Aligned buff.

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To begin, stand on the Light and Dark plates to lower the barrier. Climb through the cave to get to the outdoor area where you’ll see Pyramid Splinters leading to the caves at the far side. Get to the other side as fast as possible, only stopping to kill anything that gets in your way.

On the far side of the area is a cave with another set of barriers. Each barrier will have a little nook and a plate. Stand on the plates at the same time to lower the barrier. Continue into the next area to find the first puzzle.

Dual Destiny symbol callouts

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Symbol puzzle 1: 10 minutes added to the timer

The first symbol puzzle has the Light Aligned player calling out the order of symbols above chests and the Dark Aligned player shooting nodes with those symbols in the same order.

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Stand on the plates to begin the fight. Defeat enemies until a Servile enemy spawns, defeat it, and then do it again. Both players should have two Motes for their respective alignment.

Call out the symbols from left to right. The other player finds those symbols and shoots the node below them in the same order.
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The Light Aligned player looks at the symbols above the chests and calls them out left to right. The Dark Aligned player finds the symbols in the air and shoots the node below them in the same order. Once done, you will be teleported to the next section.

If the on-screen text says “The paracausal energy dissipates…” then the wrong symbol was shot. The correct symbols will have the following on-screen text:

  • Paracausal energy gathers around you…
  • Paracausal energy clings to you.
  • Paracausal energy tears through you!

Symbol puzzle 2

Shoot the node below the symbol that your partner calls out.
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This symbol puzzle is the same as before except the rolls are reversed and there is one more symbol to communicate. Dark Aligned player and Light Aligned player should defeat enemies repeatedly and kill Servile foes until they have maximum Motes.

Dark Aligned player calls out the symbols above the chests (which are near the Light Aligned player spawn point). Light Aligned player finds those symbols in the air and shoots the nodes in the order they are called.

Symbol puzzle 3

The third symbol puzzle has four symbols to call out.
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The rolls are flipped one last time so that the Light Aligned player is reading out the symbols above the chests and the Dark Aligned player is shooting nodes. There will now be four symbols to call out, which requires you to collect four Motes from the Servile foes.

Parkour / traversal section: 6 minutes added

You will now be inside a Pyramid-like structure in an area called The Intrusion. You must navigate through this area as quickly as you can.

Clock puzzle 1 & Tormentors: 10 minutes added

The clock puzzle requires you to shoot nodes that you both see as being connected. The player that lands the killing blow on the Tormentor receives Harmonic Sundering, allowing them to shoot the nodes.

When the fight starts, the Light Aligned and Dark Aligned player will see different nodes connected to the splinter. Don’t communicate this information yet, just focus on clearing enemies. After a few waves are defeated, a Tormentor will spawn and the player that kills it will receive Harmonic Sundering.

How to solve the clock puzzle Dual Destiny

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Now, the player that does not receive the buff should start saying which node they see as being connected. Do this in any manner that works for you. For me, I would read them out clockwise. Based on the image above, I would say, “Two… three… five… six… eight… nine…” My partner would listen to this and if the node is also connected for them, they would shoot it. 

  • Shooting the incorrect node will display the following text: Light and Darkness fall out of balance. Your empowerment fades!
  • Shooting the correct nodes will display the following text: Light and Darkness surge, destabilizing an obelisk!

Repeat this process until the obelisk disappears and the barrier lowers.

Parkour / traversal: 6 minutes added

You will now need to traverse the platforms, tree branches, and pathways to reach the next area.

Use the gateways to launch yourself to the next island.
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Eventually, you’ll reach a series of larger floating arenas. Clear out the enemies to generate more Light and Dark platforms. Stand on them at the same time to summon gateways that launch each player to separate platforms. Repeat this process until you get to the end.

The final platform will have more enemies and two Tormentors for you to defeat.

Mastery of Balance, Expector Selin and Yemiq boss fight: 10 minutes added

This is the final section of Dual Destiny and has you fighting Expector Selin and Expector Yemiq while also solving more puzzles. You will fight each Subjugator separately, getting them down to one third of their health, at which point they will both attack you.

Deal damage to Expector Selin – it will go immune once you remove one third of its health. Now the first puzzle will begin.

One player using a Legendary Sword and the other using Ergo Sum with Wolfpack Rounds is an excellent DPS option during The Final Shape/Echoes

Symbol puzzle 1

Clear enemies until Servile foes spawn. The Light Aligned player should kill their foe and the Dark Aligned will kill theirs.

The Light Aligned player will see the reference symbols while the other player must destroy the nodes.
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The Light Aligned player will now see three symbols in front of the splinter near Selin. Read out the symbols from top to bottom. The Dark Aligned player will see symbols and nodes floating around the area. Shoot the nodes that match the symbol callout. This will allow you to deal more damage to Selin, removing another third of its health at which point it will retreat and Yemiq will enter the fight.

Deal damage to Yemiq and remove one third of its health. It will go immune and the next puzzle will beign.

Symbol puzzle 2

The Light Aligned player will now see the nodes while the Dark Aligned player sees the reference symbols.
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As before, defeat Servile enemies to be able to see symbols. This time the Dark Aligned player will be calling out the order (top to bottom) and the Light Aligned player will be shooting the nodes with the correct symbols that match the order.

There are six symbol nodes in this area. Four symbols are on the middle bits of land. The last two symbols are on the left and right by the clock puzzle. When the correct nodes are shot, Yemiq will become vulnerable. Deal damage to it to remove another third of its health. Now the final puzzle will begin.

Clock puzzle

This clock puzzle is similar to the other one except this time both players will need to shoot their clock. Additionally, only one node out of the four connections needs to be activated. This must be done three times. Be quick, the connections change every few seconds.

Go to the clock that you see only has four connections (one player at each clock). Read out which ones are connected (like you’re reading a clock). The other player should immediately tell you which one matches what they have. Based on the below image, I read out, “Two… four… six… seven…” and my partner would be looking at their clock to see which one matches what I say (only one would match). For example, in this instance, they didn't have a connection at two or at four, but they did at six! So as soon as I said six, they said "Shoot six". We both shot the node at the six o’ clock position. You've got to be quick, though.

How to solve the clock puzzle in Dual Destiny

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Once you shoot a correct node, the layout will change and you must do it again. It takes three correct nodes to solve the puzzle and lower the barrier. At this point, you can continue on with the fight. Here is what the text says on-screen when you shoot the right one and when you shoot the wrong one.

  • Shooting the correct node will display: Barrier strength has diminished.
  • Shooting the wrong node will display: Incorrect node: barrier frequency changing.

Once the clock puzzle is solved, work together to defeat Expector Selin and Expector Yemiq, they will be working together too. Be careful as Taken Ogres spawn on platforms and Dread will keep on attacking you. As mentioned above, Swords are a great option, especially if you've got an Ergo Sum with Wolfpack Rounds. 

If you get down to 30 seconds left, Savathun will laugh at you and send in a Sacrificial Lightbearer Wizard for you to defeat. Text will display on-screen: Push back the Dark with a sacrifice of Light! Defeat the Wizard to get another 3 minutes added to the timer.

It's a trap!
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Pick the option you prefer.
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When both bosses are defeated, a door on the left-side of the arena will open. Go in and each player should stand on their plate. You will both be drowned in the Deep and respawn inside cages. Both players must choose to either Prepare for Battle or Choose Peace. Pick whichever one suits you and then claim your Exotic class item from the chests when you’re ready!

With Dual Destiny completed, you can start farming for more Exotic class items. Do this by completing Dual Destiny again or by opening chests in the Pale Heart. Take a look at our Exotic class item perk list to see what you can get and our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for help with everything else added with The Final Shape.

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