How to unlock Solar grenades - Destiny 2

Unlock the extra Solar grenades in Destiny 2 to harness your class' full potential.


The launch of Season of the Haunted brought Solar 3.0 to Destiny 2 and with it new Solar grenades for every class. When you first load into Destiny 2, you’ll notice that you will have a few of them missing or unavailable for your class. The good news is that you can unlock them straight away and start enjoying grenades that were previously locked to other classes.

How to unlock Solar grenades

Much like the extra Void grenades before it, players can unlock Solar grenades by visiting Ikora Rey in the Tower. Load into the Tower and head to the Bazaar to find Ikora. Speaking with her will reveal a new set of submenus for Void and Solar. Open up the Solar menu and the grenade tab to find all the Solar grenades you may have been missing.

destiny 2 unlock solar grenades
Head to Ikora to unlock the other Solar grenades.

You can purchase every single Solar grenade, provided you have the Glimmer. Each grenade will set you back 3,000 Glimmer which means you’ll need at least 15,000 to unlock them all. While you’re there, you should also take the time to unlock the Solar Fragments so you can tinker with your build a bit more. These are more expensive, clocking in at 25,000 Glimmer each.

Once you’ve purchased the Solar grenades, you will need to meditate at the little statue beside Ikora Rey. Interact with the statue and all the Solar grenades will be applied to your character. At this point, you can start fully customizing your subclass’ perks.

Unlocking the Solar grenades in Destiny 2 is quick and easy. Even though it will set you back a bit of Glimmer, adding these to your arsenal is worth it, especially if you’re missing out on the Healing Grenade as a Warlock! Stop by our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more assistance with the latest season.

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