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Each Iron Banner Rank in Destiny 2 and how many points you need to move up and reset.


Iron Banner Ranks are now a thing thanks to Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2. Season 17 ushered in a wealth of changes for the popular mode, the least of which is the full 16 levels of ranks players will already be familiar with from other vendors. If you’re chasing Iron Engrams, rank-locked rewards, or aiming for that reset for the title, here’s what you need to know about the points required to move up and each rank.

Iron Banner Ranks

destiny 2 iron banner ranks

Like the other activities with ranks, there are 16 Iron Banner Ranks in Destiny 2. These ranks are divided into the typical six main areas that each contains three sub-levels. The only outlier here is Legend that does not have any sub-levels. In order to move up the ranks, players must gain reputation (just called “points” in-game).

Iron Banner Ranks
Rank # Rank name Total Points Points to next rank
1 Guardian I 0 - 49 50
2 Guardian II 50 - 124 75
3 Guardian III 125 - 249 125
4 Brave I 250 - 499 250
5 Brave II 500 - 949 450
6 Brave III 950 - 1549 600
7 Heroic I 1550 - 1924 375
8 Heroic II 1925 - 2524 600
9 Heroic III 2525 - 3349 825
10 Fabled I 3350 - 3874 525
11 Fabled II 3875 - 4649 775
12 Fabled III 4650 - 5699 1050
13 Mythic I 5700 - 6449 750
14 Mythic II 6450 - 7524 1075
15 Mythic III 7525 - 8999 1475
16 Legend 9000 - 10000

How to level up Iron Banner Ranks fast

destiny 2 iron banner ranks rep boost level up fast

With 16 Iron Banker Ranks to move through, worth a total of 10,000 points, players will need to earn a whole lot of reputation to reset their rank. Much like other activities, Iron Banner has a streak bonus, but it also has a reputation boost system.

After selecting Iron Banner from the Crucible node, but before you hit launch, look over to the left side of the screen and hover over the right modifier. This is the Iron Banner Rank Boost. Players can increase their reputation gains by completing Daily Challenges and equipping five pieces of Iron Banner gear and an emblem.

With all of these rank boosts maxed out and sitting on a streak, players will no doubt see their levels moving up much faster than before.

How to reset Iron Banner Ranks

destiny 2 reset iron banner rank

Once you actually hit Rank 16 for Iron Banner, not only will you get rewards, you can reset your rank. For players chasing the Iron Lord Title, this is essential. To reset your rank, visit Lord Saladin in the Tower and grab the final reward along the line – an Ascendant Shard. You will prestige and start back at Rank 1.

Leveling up the Iron Banner Ranks in Destiny 2 is going to take a bit of effort. To accelerate your progress, make sure to equip Iron Banner gear, emblems, and complete challenges to get that rep boost. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information on all areas of the game.

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