How to Get the 21% Delirium pinnacle weapon in Destiny 2

Complete the By Your Bootstraps quest step and Notorious Hustle triumph in Destiny 2 and unlock the 21% Delirium pinnacle weapon.


Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter is here and with it comes a batch of new weapons and armor for Guardians to earn. Included in this new gear are three pinnacle weapons. Pinnacle weapons, for those not aware, are fully masterworked weapons with curated rolls by Bungie. In short, they tend to be quite good. This season, it looks like the 21% Delirium machine gun is going to be a favorite, but Guardians will have to complete the By Your Bootstraps quest step and Notorious Hustle triumph to get it.

How to Get 21% Delirium

Destiny 2 21 percent delirium perks 01
Destiny 2 21 percent delirium perks 02

Begin by visiting The Drifter in the Tower. He’s moved down a few levels and closer to where Ada-1 hangs out. Speak to him and accept the By Your Bootstraps quest step. This will move to the Pursuits tab of your personal inventory. From here, it’s a matter of completing the quest.

By Your Bootstraps quest step

Destiny 2 21 percent delirium bootstraps quest 01

This quest step doesn’t tell Guardians much. It only requires the Notorious Hustle triumph be completed, and it has some lore for players that want to dig into that. Unfortunately, this step doesn’t tell players what it is that they’ll be doing to get their pinnacle weapon.

Notorious Hustle Gambit triumph

Destiny 2 21 percent delirium notorious hustle gambit triumph

By navigating to their triumphs and looking through the ones related to Gambit, Guardians can find the Notorious Hustle triumph under the Career tab. By moving the mouse or cursor over this triumph the following conditions are revealed for those that wish to complete it:

  • 75 multikills
  • Envoys and Primevals defeated
  • Infamy rank reset

The good news for Guardians is that the 75 multikills and the Envoys and Primevals defeated steps are going to get finished through playing Gambit. There’s really no need to focus these tasks. Instead, work on completing Gambit bounties and gaining Infamy, because that’s where the hard work is found. To reset one’s Infamy will require dozens of games of Gambit, even when winning most of them. This is a quest that will take weeks for most players, not days. Thankfully, it’s not exactly difficult, just time consuming.

The 21% Delirium machine gun comes with two great perks in Overflow and Killing Tally. With Overflow, picking up Special or Heavy ammo reloads the weapon beyond its normal capacity. With Killing Tally, kills with the weapon increase its damage until its stowed or reloaded. The latter perk makes it great for PvP and Gambit, since it will allow Guardians to take out other players with more efficiency as they earn kills.

Now that you know how to get 21% Delirium by completing the By Your Bootstraps quest step and Notorious Hustle triumph, have a look at our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more.

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