Cantata-57 god roll - Destiny 2

Find the perfect Cantata-57 god roll in Destiny 2 so you can remain competitive in the Crucible.


A Cantanta-57 god roll in Destiny 2 is going to make you a nightmare for other players in Crucible. In terms of perk options, PVP players have a few to play with while PVE players may want to look elsewhere for a Hand Cannon.

Cantata-57 god roll

destiny 2 cantata-57 god roll
A Cantata-57 god roll may look slightly different depending on your playstyle and build. Image credit: Ashraven.

The Cantata-57 is a Hand Cannon that sits in your Energy slot and deals Arc damage. This frees up the Kinetic slot for some other great Shotguns or Sniper Rifles. Given that it’s a 140 RPM Hand Cannon, it’s one that’s seeing more use in Crucible as of The Witch Queen. Thankfully, it’s got some neat perks that make it a real bother to be shot by.

Cantata-57 god roll for PVP

destiny 2 cantata-57 god roll pvp
Image credit: D2Gunsmith

Cantata-57, with the right perks for PVP, can become a monster in Crucible. What's better is that, because it sits in the Energy weapon slot, you can use a god roll Silicon Neuroma in your Kinetic slot. But let's check out a Cantata god roll you might consider chasing.

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling (Range +9)
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds (Range +9)
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit (Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed)
  • Perk 2: Rangefinder (Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification)
  • Masterwork: Range
  • Mod: Icarus Grip

The whole idea here is to push out that Range stat so you can pick at enemies from a greater distance. This should make it easier to follow up a Sniper shot with a Hand Cannon tap. Obviously, if you prefer to focus on Handling, then try and get a different Barrel and Magazine combo.

As for the perks, Rapid Hit will reward the accurate player while Rangefinder pushes that Range stat out even further. If you don’t want Rangefinder, you might consider Moving Target for the greater movement speed and target acquisition when ADSing or even Focused Fury for a little bump in damage – though this last one is easier to proc in PVE. The final perk column has a few interesting options that should align with your Crucible playstyle.

For the Masterwork, Range is always good or even Handling if you want that ADS speed to improve. The weapon mod will continue to be personal preference. Consider Icarus Grip so you can hopefully make more shots while you’re leaping between elevation.

Cantata-57 god roll for PVE

destiny 2 cantata-57 god roll pve
Image credit: D2Gunsmith

The Cantata-57 isn’t much of a PVE weapon. None of the perks are outstanding when it comes to add-clear or mob control. As such, you’ll likely find a better option in another Hand Cannon. In saying that, if you do want to use this in PVE, look out for some of these perks.

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling (Range +9)
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds (Range +9)
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit (Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed)
  • Perk 2: Focused Fury (Dealing half the magazine as precision damage grants this weapon bonus damage. The shot count is reset whenever the weapon is reloaded or stowed)
  • Masterwork: Range
  • Mod: Major Spec

You may actually discover that your PVP god roll for Cantata-57 is as good as it gets for a PVE roll. Rapid Hit will ensure you can reload faster, but instead of Rangefinder, Focused Fury could be worth your consideration. It’s far easier to get consistent precision hits in PVE than PVP, which means the damage will be boosted.

For the Masterwork, Range remains excellent, unless you really want to make it snappier with some Handling. For the mod, you should be dealing enough damage to minor adds, so a Major Spec will help bump that damage up further.

You might also consider Heating Up and Timed Payload as your perk options. Heating Up increases stability and accuracy with each final blow. Timed Payload makes the gun fire projectiles that attach to enemies and explode.

There are definitely better PVE Hand Cannons out there such as Eyasluna or even Vulpecula. However, for those that dabble in Crucible, a Cantata-57 god roll is going to lift your game and hopefully see you netting more defeats. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more weapon god roll recommendations.

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