BRAVE Title Triumphs - Destiny 2

All the Triumphs from Into the Light you need to complete to unlock the Brave Title in Destiny 2.


The release of Into the Light brought with it the BRAVE Title to Destiny 2. This Title requires players engage with Onslaught as well as the Exotic missions, The Whisper and Zero Hour. None of these Triumphs are particularly hard, so if you’ve got the time, you’re going to wind up getting this Title.

BRAVE Title Triumph

The in-game screen showing the Triumphs for the BRAVE Title

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There are only ten Triumphs needed to unlock the BRAVE Title in Destiny 2. The majority of these involve playing the Onslaught mode while only two of them are dedicated to the Exotic quests, The Whisper and Zero Hour.

  • BRAVE Collector: Complete all BRAVE weapon quests
  • Grimoire Gatherer VIII: Collect a Grimoire card about Empress Caiatl
  • Lord of Reputation: Reach maximum reputation with Lord Shard
  • So Many Waves: Complete 300 waves in Onslaught
  • Breaking the Charge: Defeat each of the three final bosses in Onslaught. Bosses rotate weekly.
    • Fieldrazer Tormentor
    • Siegehook Ogre
    • Fallen Warpriest
  • Trying to Budget: Purchase 40 Defenses in Onslaught
  • Not on Your Watch: Complete the 5th wave set in Onslaught on Normal difficulty
  • BRAVE Weaponmaster: Defeat opponents with BRAVE weapons. Defeating Guardians grants more progress.
  • Triumphant Whisper: Complete the Exotic mission, The Whisper
  • Triumphant Outbreak: Complete the Exotic mission, Zero Hour

As you can see, you don’t even need to complete a Legend version of Onslaught. Keep playing the normal mode and you’ll knock out those 50 waves and eventually take care of all three bosses. You’ll also want to ensure you get all those weapons, which is actually a requirement for unlocking the Superblack shader.

Once you grab the BRAVE Title, don’t forget to also go out and get the Godslayer Title from Pantheon. This one is going to be a little more difficult. We’ve got more Title guides for you over on our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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