What to do with the Unstable Charge of Light in Destiny 2

Learn where to use the Unstable Charge of Light in the Dreaming City.


The Blind Well is Destiny 2’s latest end-game activity that draws a lot of inspiration from Escalation Protocol, and while the Charges of Light are easy to understand, the Unstable Charge of Light poses a few mysteries. Players looking to purchase an Unstable Charge of Light and use it, or make use of one they’ve been awarded, will first need to know what to do with it.

How to use Unstable Charge of Light

Now that the Last Wish raid has been completed for the first time, the Dreaming City has evolved thanks to the spreading of a curse. With this evolution came a change to the Blind Well. Upon completing a Tier 3 activity, an Unstable Charge of Light can be used in the Blind Well to start a Heroic Blind Well event.

These Heroic Blind Well activities are extremely challenging as they have a recommended Power of 580, though if players are able to rally together and complete it, they will receive greater rewards. After a successful clear, the chest has a chance to reward high-level gear, the perfect way to increase Power for those who prefer their PVE activities.

As for the Heroic Blind Well event, the challenge changes on a weekly basis. Players will need to figure out the weekly boss and then use the appropriate strategies to kill it. In the event the chest doesn’t award an Unstable Charge of Light, players can purchase one from Petra Venj using Dark Fragments.

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