How to farm Dark Fragments in Destiny 2

Dark Fragments are one of the most valuable currencies in the Dreaming City, so getting a good stockpile is essential.


Destiny 2: Forsaken introduces a lot of new currencies for players to collect and none are as important as the Dark Fragments. These little shards are found in the Dreaming City, though collecting enough of them can be difficult. Players will need to farm up a decent supply of Dark Fragments if they wish to pick up Petra Venj’s bounties each week.

How to farm Dark Fragments

Farming for Dark Fragments in Destiny 2 begins in the Dreaming City. There are several means of collecting Dark Fragments in this mysterious area:

Players should start by heading to Petra and collecting her bounties and pursuits, as each of these will reward a sum of Dark Fragments. From here, the main focus should be to complete all of these in a timely manner, while focusing on completing Public Events and Lost Sectors when moving between areas. Outside of these, spending some time in the Blind Well is helpful, as it's a requirement if players want to get another Seed of Light.

Ideally, players should always attempt to turn the Public Events Heroic, such as the Rift Generator and the Taken Blights. Though turning them Heroic requires a lot of communication and teamwork, the rewards are worth the effort.

A good farming option (for those players with a high enough Power) is to repeatedly clear Lost Sectors, as the chest at the end has a good chance of rewarding two Dark Fragments. The Lost Sector below Petra Venj is the best place to do this, as it’s a fairly short walk to the boss. Simply run past the enemies, focus down the boss, open the chest and run back out to the loading zone. Repeat this process as many times as needed.

There are numerous ways to get more Dark Fragments in Destiny 2, so players looking to amass a large pile shouldn’t be worried about collecting them. Spending some time in the Dreaming City, completing bounties, participating in the Blind Well, and working out the Ascendant Challenges, should yield a decent amount of Dark Fragments.

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