How to get Epochal Integration - Destiny 2

Complete the quest, Parting the Veil, to unlock the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon, a rather appealing option for PVE and PVP in Destiny 2.


Epochal Integration is a rather spicy Hand Cannon added to Destiny 2 in Season of the Deep. Sitting in the Energy slot, this Solar 140RPM weapon is able to excel in PVE activities as well as Crucible. The only challenge, if you can call it that, will be unlocking Epochal Integration.

How to get Epochal Integration – Parting the Veil

Nimbus offering the quest, Parting the Veil
Parting the Veil rewards Epochal Integration upon completion.
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Epochal Integration is unlocked by completing the Neomuna quest, Parting the Veil. This quest is given by Nimbus and has six steps, all of which have you on Neomuna, collecting data and visiting distant areas.

  1. Defeat Cabal in Neomuna to find Vex tracking data
  2. Acquire Vex data from Maya’s Retreat
  3. Acquire additional Vex data from the exterior of the Irkalla Complex
  4. Complete Parting the Veil
  5. Meditate on your findings
  6. Pick up your next Strand Aspect at the table

Most of the Parting the Veil quest is straightforward stuff. The Cabal only have a chance at dropping the data, so find and area where they spawn (like the Hydroponics Delta in Zephyr Concourse) and get to farming.

Maya’s Retreat is the location to the east of Liming Harbor. Head into the area and defeat the Vex in the cave until you can interact with the Vex construct. You’ll do the same in Irkalla Complex, which is west of Zephyr Concourse and through Esi Terminal – track the quest so you get a marker on your HUD.

The fourth step, Parting the Veil, is a bit more involved. Launch the mission and fight through to the Veil. In here you’ll need to defeat a boss, so come prepared for a decently tough encounter. Once this is done, you can go to the Pouka Pond and mediate at the table to get your reward.

Epochal Integration perks

Epochal Integration
Barrel Smallbore (+7 Stability, +7 Range)
Magazine Ricochet Rounds (+5 Range, +10 Stability)
Perk 1 Keep Away (Increases reload, range, and accuracy when no targets are in close proximity) OR Stats For All (Hitting three separate targets increases weapon handling, stability, reload, and range for a moderate duration)
Perk 2 Eye of the Storm (This weapon becomes more accurate and boosts handling as your health gets lower) OR Incandescent (Defeating a target spreaches scorch to those nearby. More powerful combatants and opposing Guardians case scorch in a larger radius)
Origin Trait Harmonic Resonance (Equipping multiple weapons from this set grants this weapon increased reload speed and handling. It also deals increased damage versus Tormentors, Lucent Hive, and Guardians using their Supers) OR Nanotech Tracer Rockets (Landing multiple hits turns your next shot into a homing micro-rocket)
Masterwork Handling

With Parting the Veil completed, you can now wield Epochal Integration. This is a Solar, 140RPM Hand Cannon that synergizes quite well with Solar builds thanks to its Incandescent perk. If you’re using it in PVP, consider using Keep Away and Eye of the Storm to make this thing laser-focused.

Epochal Integration's perks
Epochal Integration has a couple of great perk options.
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Unlocking Epochal Integration in Destiny 2 is worth the effort, especially now that Hand Cannons have received a bit more love. See how it fits into your Solar builds and test it out in the Crucible. For more guides, like this Parting the Veil quest, read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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