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Nezarec's Whisper is coming in loud with its powerful perk combinations for PvE and PvP.


Season of the Witch is well under way and has brought with it some top tier weapons. Nezarec’s Whisper is one of the best Glaives in the current sandbox and makes its welcomed return as a reward from the new Exotic Mission Rotator.

Nezarec’s Whisper is an Arc, Adaptive Glaive and comes with some powerful perk combinations sure to keep Guardians coming back to this powerful weapon.

How to get Nezarec’s Whisper

Nezarec’s Whisper has a chance to drop from completing encounters within the Exotic mission Presage when it is active within the weekly Exotic Mission Rotator. Collect five Deepsight Resonance versions to unlock the craftable version.

PvE - Nezarec’s Whisper god roll

Nezarec’s Whisper comes with some lethal combinations for a Glaive and this god roll takes advantage of that to great effect.

Nezarec’s Whisper - PVE
Haft Auxiliary Reserves (Shield Duration +15, Charge Time +15, Reload -5)
Magazine Alloy Magazine (Grants a 0.85x Reload duration multiplier when the magazine is empty)
Perk 1 Demolitionist (Weapon kills grant 10 percent grenade ability energy. Throwing a grenade refills this weapon from reserves)
Perk 2 Adrenaline Junkie (Grants a stacking damage buff and Handling +20 for 4.5 seconds on weapon or grenade kills. Grenade kills grant all five stacks. Damage buff stacks: 6.7 percent|13.3 percent|20 percent|26.6 percent|33.3 percent. Buff duration is refreshed on weapon or grenade kills)
Origin Trait Extrovert (While within 15 meters of three enemies or a Nightmare: kills restore 40 HP after a 0.25 second delay. Three second cooldown after activation)
Masterwork Handling or Range (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Minor or Major Spec (7.7 increased damage)

Kicking off with Auxiliary Reserves as the Haft choice, this provides a longer lasting shield and better Charge Time to ensure it’s ready to go again quickly. This aspect of a Glaive is great to get out of a tough situation or close the gap on your enemies. Alloy Magazine provides nearly twice as fast Reload so Guardians don’t have to worry about unloading the Magazine and this also pairs up nicely with the next perk, Demolitionist.

Nezarec's Whisper god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

Using a combination of Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie is not only powerful, it’s also just a lot of fun to constantly be chaining abilities through this Glaive. Demolitionist fills 10 percent of grenade energy per kill and Adrenaline Junkie brings in a stacking damage buff which you can keep refreshing after every kill. Throwing grenades then refills Nezarec’s Whisper but should you run out of ammo the Reload is quick to ensure your buff timers do not run out before the next kill.

Throw on some Arc Surge mods found on your Guardian’s boots for extra damage buffs and Nezarec’s Whisper can tear through enemies with ease.

PvP - Nezarec’s Whisper god roll

When in the right hands Glaives can be a great tool to use in PvP. It can also help a lot with team aspects due to the shield blocking damage allowing your teammates to get the drop on your opponents.

Nezarec’s Whisper - PVE
Haft Supercooled Accelerator (Range +10, Reload -5, Handling -5)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Impulse Amplifier (Passively grants: 35 percent increased projectile velocity, Reload +20 and 0.8x reload duration multiplier)
Perk 2 Unstoppable Force (After blocking damage: 20 percent increase projectile damage for four seconds or until no longer blocking)
Origin Trait Extrovert (While within 15 meters of three enemies or a Nightmare: kills restore 40 HP after a 0.25 second delay. Three second cooldown after activation)
Masterwork Range (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Freehand Grip (Increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip)

Start with Supercooled Accelerator to push the Range, this makes it easier to land shots when enemies are at a distance. Accurzied Rounds then complements this further by adding more Range to Nezarec’s Whisper and making it more difficult for enemies to react to the oncoming blast.

Nezarec's Whisper god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Impulse Amplifier then increases the velocity of the projectile fired from Nezarec’s Whisper, giving enemies little chance to escape when the blasts come toward them. Round this off with Unstoppable Force and focus on the gameplay loop it provides. This means you can close the gap by shielding with Nezarec’s Whisper and any hits you take on the Glaive shield increases your projectile damage. Block incoming shots and when the timing is right, unleash fire in return causing significant damage. Get the timing right on this combination and enemies will think twice before challenging you in the Crucible. 

Nezarec’s Whisper is a top tier Glaive and definitely worth chasing this season when Presage rolls around. For more Season of the Witch information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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