Deep Stone Crypt loot table - Destiny 2

A loot table for Deep Stone Crypt showing all the weapons and armor for each encounter in this Destiny 2 raid.


Deep Stone Crypt is one of the best raids in Destiny 2 and it’s got a loot table to match. Better yet, by farming encounters, players can walk away with weapon patterns to craft some truly powerful gear to take into other endgame activities. Below is a table showcasing each encounter and the loot you can earn by completing it.

Deep Stone Crypt loot table

The Deep Stone Crypt features four encounters. For those that want specific weapons, the good news is that it’s easy to get a few of the weapons, like the Sniper Rifle and Shotgun, but the Hand Cannon could end up being one that’s a bit tough to come by.

Deep Stone Crypt loot table
Crypt Security Atraks-1 Descent / The Nukes Taniks, the Abomination
Trustee (Scout Rifle) Heritage (Shotgun) Heritage (Shotgun) Commemoration (Machine Gun)
Arms Succession (Sniper Rifle) Posterity (Hand Cannon) Bequest (Sword)
Legs Arms Arms Eyes of Tomorrow (Exotic Rocket Launcher)
Class Item Legs Chest Head
Class Item Class Item Chest

Because you’re likely farming Deep Stone Crypt when it is the weekly featured raid, you should also be doing the challenges. Completing the challenges will reward another chest upon completing the encounter, which increases your chances of getting those Deepsight Resonance weapons. There are four challenges to beat, with the easiest being Copies of Copies and The Core Four.

You should also farm the final boss, regardless of whether you need red borders. This is the only encounter that rewards Eyes of Tomorrow, a Rocket Launcher that can dish out a surprising amount of damage.

Check back with us whenever you’re farming this raid so you can double-check the Deep Stone Crypt loot table. You’ll want to make sure you’re grinding the right encounter! For more loot tables, raid guides, and challenge walkthroughs, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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