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Where to find all seven Pyramid objects in the Wicked Implement Exotic mission in Destiny 2 for the Words and Action Triumph.


The Words and Action Triumph is a new, rather sneaky Triumph for players to unlock during Season of the Deep in Destiny 2. This Triumph is available only at the end of the Wicked Implement Exotic mission in Deep Dive and requires finding and destroying seven Pyramid objects.

Words and Actions – Pyramid objects

There are seven Pyramid objects to find and shoot at the end of the Wicked Implement Exotic mission in the Deep Dive activity. Destroying all seven rewards the Triumph, Words and Action. Though not requires for the Aquanaut Title, it’s worth getting for the extra lore and dialogue.

Pyramid object 1

A pyramid object floating above a statue

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The first Pyramid object is directly above the statue you commune with to unlock Wicked Implement.

Pyramid object 2

A forked structure with a circle superimposed

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The next Pyramid object is in the middle of the arena, in the two-pronged structure.

Pyramid object 3

A darkened hallway with a red statue on the right-hand side

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A red statue with a red light behind it

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This Pyramid object is found by leaving the statue room and taking the first door on your right to the “square” side of the arena. Follow the path straight to the end to find a red statue with horns. The object is above the statue.

Pyramid object 4

A pyramid object floats in a dark corner behind a green statue

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Stand at the bottom of the stairs to the statue room and look toward the center of the arena. Go through the second door on your left (marked with a circle) and up the stairs. The second left will have a yellow block above which is the Pyramid object.

Pyramid object 5

Two red lights shine at the end of a dark hallway

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Go to the center of the arena and stand with your back to the statue room. Go toward where you entered the arena and pass through the door on your left (marked with a circle). Take a right and look at the end of the hall to see the object between the two red lights.

Pyramid object 6

A white halo floats above a small bunker

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Back to the center of the arena now and stand with your back to the statue room. Run all the way to where you entered and slide under the wall on your right to spot a bunker with a white halo above it. Inside the bunker is the Pyramid object.

Pyramid object 7

A pyramid object floats in the distance against a pillar above an abyss

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The last Pyramid object is below the arena. This area is accessible on the side of the arena marked with white squares. Look for the stairwell that takes you down to a walkway. Look out over the abyss to spot the final object.

With the seven Pyramid objects found the Words of Action Triumph will unlock and you can return to the statue to hear another piece of dialogue. Check out our Destiny 2 Guide for more collectible walkthroughs.

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