Season of the Deep Triumphs for Aquanaut Title - Destiny 2

Here are the Triumphs you'll need to complete to unlock the Aquanaut Title in Destiny 2.


A new season in Destiny 2 means a new Title to earn. This time around, Season of the Deep is giving Guardians a chance to unlock the Aquanaut Title. This guide will give you a list of the Triumphs required to slap this one on your nameplate.

Triumphs for Aquanaut Title

An image showing the Triumphs screen for the Aquanaut Title in Destiny 2
You can hover over each challeng in-game to see the requirements and rewards.

There are 10 Season of the Deep Triumphs to unlock to get the Aquanaut Title, and it will take all players at least six weeks to get them all. Some of them are tied to weekly story missions, of which there are six. Here’s the list:

  • Weekly Wetwork - Complete each of the six weeks of the quest “Into the Depths.”
  • Challenges Accepted - Unlock all 10 Seasonal bonuses earned by completing Seasonal Challenges.
  • Echo Relocation - Reset your vendor rank with the Sonar Station.
  • Reprised Reckonking - Defeat 600 targets with Season of the Deep weapons. Defeated Guardians grant additional progress.
  • Big Fish - Defeat both unique bosses in Salvage, including Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath and Uorgotha, Scourge of the Deep.
  • Down the Drain - Defeat all three unique bosses in Deep Dives, J4W-S, Wrathborn Servitor, Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath, and Kelgorath, Taken from Bones.
  • Pressurized Deep - Complete a Deep Dive with Pressure Trials active on each encounter.
  • Quantity over Quality - Catch 150 fish at any Fish Pond.
  • Ambitious Angler - Catch an Exotic fish at any Fish Pond.
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes - Earn the Exotic Scout Rifle, Wicked Implement.

As you can see, there is one Triumph which has yet to be revealed. A Visit to both DIM and doesn't help uncover this one, so it’s almost certainly not available through the API just yet. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait to find out what that Triumph is. Rest assured, Guardian, Shacknews will update this guide as soon as we know.

Now that you’re well on your way to the Aquanaut Title, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for help with everything that you do in the day and life of a Guardian.

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