Diaviks Mine Imperial Treasure location in Destiny 2

Enter the Diaviks Mine in search of an Imperial Treasure chest in Destiny 2.


Finding the Diaviks Mine for an Imperial Treasure chest is a bit difficult. This location is not travelled frequently and to make matters worse, it’s not even written on the map. But if you want some powerful gear and other loot, you’re going to want to track it down.

Destiny 2 | Diaviks Mine Imperial Treasure location

The Diaviks Mine is located on the Tangled Shore. Load in to the Tangled Shore using the Sorik’s Cut fast travel point. This is found at the very top of the area, furthest from Spider. When you load in, turn to your right to see a large outdoor area with lots of Cabal units. Climb over the structure to the yawning cave mouth in the cliff wall.

Diaviks Mine imperial treasure destiny 2
The Diaviks Mine can be found in Sorik's Cut in the Tangled Shore. Look for the cave entrance by the building.

Enter the cave and fight your way through the Cabal (or just run past them). Continue through various rooms until you reach a large hangar-like area. There will be a Fallen Skiff parked nearby and potentially a Cabal Scorpius turret. Look to the Fallen vehicle to find the Imperial Treasure chest just sitting on the ground in the open.

Interact with the chest to receive your powerful gear, Menagerie runes, and some Imperials (provided your Chalice of Opulence isn’t already maxed-out). These chests are a great way to get more Imperials, which is helpful if you’ve yet to unlock all the nodes in the Chalice.

For every one of these chests you unlock, you will receive a Triumph through the Menagerie section of the Triumphs. This is a great way to get those Imperials, as well as some special rewards. For those chasing everything, check out all the Menagerie Triumphs, even the secret and hidden ones.

Once you find the Diaviks Mine Imperial Treasure chest, navigate to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for the other chest locations.

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